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How to Stop Black Ops Cold War Crash on Xbox Series X

This handy Xbox Series X tip will stop Black Ops Cold War from crashing when jumping into a game.

Video game bugs are frustrating. But none are more annoying than when a game crashes.

This is exactly what many Xbox Series X players experience when jumping into a game of Cold War. This even affects matches of the brand new Cold War game mode which fans love.

However, a simple fix has been found. Players can now hop into matches of Cold War without risking a crash.

What is the Cold War Xbox Series X Crash?

Many players have been reporting Cold War crashing when they attempt to join an online multiplayer match.

The signs that a crash will happen is if the frame rate drops, the character models start juddering or if the controller vibration stops working. The game will then crash.

Players will then have to open the game up all over again and load into another match. Then they have to hope the game won’t crash again.

Players initially thought it could be to do with the ray-tracing settings, but this has been disproved. Use our guide to make sure you have the best visibility settings in Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War Crash Xbox

How to Stop the Black Ops Cold War Crash

Luckily for players experiencing this issue, there is a simple fix that always works. Redditors have reported this fix to be 100% effective.

If any of the crash symptoms appear on your Xbox Series X then players need to follow these steps.

First, they need to hold the Xbox button for a couple of seconds until the prompt to “Turn Off Console” appears. Then they can simply back out of the menu using the B button.

This should completely fix the issue and put your game back to normal. If the crash signs appear again then all you have to do is repeat this process.

EmadBella Reddit

Let’s hope that Treyarch fixes this in an upcoming patch for the game. Perhaps the huge Cold War Season 1 Reloaded update, which is coming soon.

This isn’t even Cold War’s biggest issue at the moment, however. These are just one of a number of bugs including one which ruins Black Ops Cold War’s Gunship Scorestreak.

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