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How to Speed up Pokemon Spawn in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

How to get Pokemon to spawn is always something would-be trainers want to know and there is a new system in Pokemon Legends: Arceus that you’ll want to know!

Catching Pokemon is at the core of most Pokemon games, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus is no different.

The tips and tricks that enable you to find certain Pokemon have become legendary (no one who was there can forget the process of catching Mew in Red/Blue/Yellow).

Such information was traded over lunch tables like 15th-century tales of yet uncharted lands. Passed between sailors, high in enthusiasm but with gaps in their knowledge filled with hearsay and myth lies.

“You have to walk up and down this patch of grass and spin counterclockwise every third full step…”

“No, only a GameShark from a special factory in Japan can do it!”

“No! You need to go to a Nintendo event where they open up your GameBoy and install a Mew chip!”

Spawn Pokemon LEgends: Arceus
The Pokémon Company

Thankfully, the rise of the internet has done away with much of the guesswork. All that information is just a Google search away and that is very likely why you have landed here; as you look to learn how to make Pokemon spawn in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

The latest game is just days away, but some true adventurers have already found themselves with copies and we are learning more every day about how Pokemon Legends: Arceus differs from previous titles.

The headline grabber being that some Pokemon are so big that people are getting a little… let’s say weird about it.

How Pokemon generate/spawn has also changed and one player claims to have discovered the underlying mechanic behind it.

How Pokemon Generate in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

This information comes courtesy of the PokeLeaks subreddit. And if it isn’t obvious, there is the potential for spoilers.

First, it will help to explain how Pokemon generate aka spawn in Pokemon Legends: Arceus before we get into how you can speed it up.

According to SHRetro, Pokemon Legends: Arceus uses a ‘Map Seed’ system to generate wild Pokemon. This ‘Map Seed’ is generated every time you leave Jubilife Village.

Now, previous titles would spawn and despawn Pokemon every time you entered or left an area. But that isn’t the case in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

How to spawn pokemon in PLA
Game Freak / The Pokémon Company

Instead, using what SHRetro describes as a ‘Queue Based Generation System’ and based on that top-level ‘Map Seed’, Pokemon essentially take turns to appear.

To add new ones to the ‘list’ and thus later appear in the world; you can kill, catch or scare them off. You can also wait, but this process is very time-consuming and SHRetro claims he has found a way to speed up the process.

How to Speed up Pokemon Spawns in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Now, to speed up the process, SHRetro says you must use the game’s camping system.

By camping and going between morning/day, you will force the game to re-populate the world with later in line Pokemon.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus spawn how to make pokemon spawn PLA
The Pokémon Company

To make it clear; imagine the following.

So, you are looking to catch a shiny Ralts and you are in an area where many spawn.

In the ‘Pokemon Queue’ (which you can not see, we have to imagine), the spawn for the next five Ralts are as follows:

  1. Ralts
  2. Ralts
  3. Ralts
  4. Ralts (shiny)
  5. Ralts

To speed up the spawn of a shiny Ralts, you can kill, capture, or scare, the three above them in the list.

However, there could be 10s of Ralts in the queue. And that is where camping between morning/day speeds up the progress as it moves the queue on without the need to interact with the Pokemon in any way.

How to speed up Pokemon Spawns in Pokemon Legends: Arceus PLA
The Pokémon Company.

Another important point to note is that every time you return to Jubilife Village, the game generates a new ‘Map Seed’ thus changing the queue entirely.

To be clear, returning to Jubilife Village will reset any queue, you do NOT want to do this. And that is how you speed up Pokemon spawning in Pokemon Legends: Arceus!

Pretty involved, eh? No wonder Pokemon Legends: Arceus is described by some as the most challenging Pokemon game yet.

And you can see why when you consider what you have to do get Darkrai and Shaymin.

One Pokemon that isn’t difficult to get is your starter. Unsure of who to pick? Then check out our Pokemon starter guide so you can jump into the game as quickly as possible.

Made a mistake? You’re in luck, as starter Pokemon can be caught… but that is only if you can find them.

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