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How to Speed Up Downloads on PS5

Once you’ve got your new PS5 set up, you’ll be keen to jump right in. But as with every new games console, you’ll have a few things to download first. Here are some tips on how to speed up your downloads on PS5.

The first thing you’ll need to do once you get your PS5 set up is to download the Day 1 patch – and an even smaller update for your DualSense controller. Fortunately, neither of these take long.

It’s only 868MB, and for us, had downloaded/installed in the time it took to boil the kettle and make a cup of tea. If your internet is fast, this won’t be an issue for you.

But if you live somewhere where internet speeds are slower, 868MB may take a little longer. There’s not much you can do about your speed, but you can make life easier for yourself.

PlayStation 5 Update

Make sure any other devices that use significant bandwidth are not in use. If your roommate has Netflix or YouTube on in another room, ask them to stop for a little while.

This way, you can complete your setup quicker, and you both can enjoy your new PS5 together!

Speed Up the PS4 Data Transfer

If you’re carrying over a lot of data from your PS4, then this could take a long time to complete. Even if you’re internet is rapid, this particular task can be a tedious one.

But there are ways to speed up downloads on PS5, even from your PS4. The first is to use an ethernet cable instead of your Wi-Fi.

This makes the process much faster. Again, it depends on your internet speed, but we guarantee this will halve the time it takes to transfer your PS4 data to PS5.

There are other ways to speed up this process too, by being selective about what you transfer. The more you copy, the longer the download will take, so only transfer what you actually need. Be honest with yourself.

The PS5 will first ask you to select the save data you want. Do you really need the save data from every game you completed on PS4? Will you really play Killzone: Shadow Fall again?

Think of Your PS5’s SSD Limits

This is also an excellent way to keep your new PS5’s SSD uncluttered. Don’t clog it up with data from the past, which you no longer need.

When it comes to transferring games, this could fill your SSD very quickly. Not to mention making the download take longer.

Speed up the downloads on PS5 by only transferring games that you genuinely play. For example, do you regularly play Destiny 2 or TESO?

Then transfer these. But if you’re not planning on returning to Skyrim or Bloodborne any time soon, then leave these out of the transfer.

Remember, the PS4 transfer isn’t a one-time deal. You can use it anytime and even transfer individual games from your PS4 whenever you like.

You don’t even need this feature, if truth be told. If you own a game on disk or have it saved to your library, you can re-install it at any point this way.

You can also transfer your save data manually. However, we appreciate that it’s easier by PS4 Data Transfer. Copying save data alone takes no time at all.

Use The ‘Pause’ Feature to Speed Up Downloads on PS5

Once your PS5 is up and running, you’ll probably set some of your favorite PS4 games to download. Along with any PS5 games you’ve purchased digitally.

You’re spoilt for choice if you’re a PS Plus member, lots of PS4 classics are available in the PS Plus Collection, and you may be tempted to download a bunch of them.

You can speed up the downloads by accessing the data screen and pausing all downloads but one. This way, the PS5 will focus its efforts on this one title instead of simultaneously downloading multiple games.

If you care the most about one specific game, leave this downloading and pause the rest. This will stop them all downloading together – painfully slowly.

The PS5 has the same weird habit that the PS4 has. It downloads games in chunks. It may download two-thirds of one game, then move on to another.

This means the console is busy downloading both games at once. Leaving you waiting longer for the first one to complete. Many PS4/PS5 games use this feature to be playable in some form while they finish downloading.

But if you’re keen to take advantage of all that game’s features, including DLC and multiplayer, then pause the other games. This way, the console knows what’s the priority.

If you would like to download in batches, set your PS5 to download before you go to bed at night. You’ll wake up to each game installed and ready to go!

Plug Your PS5 Into Your Access Point

Most of us play our games and download our data using our home Wi-Fi. But if you’re downloading a lot of data during your PS5 set-up, consider plugging it into your access point using an ethernet cable.

This will speed up downloads on PS5 and anything else it does via the web. By doing this, while taking advantage of the PS5 downloads pause feature, you’ll be able to download your PS5 games in the quickest time possible.

Take Advantage of Rest Mode To Speed Up Downloads On PS5

Like PS4 before it, PS5 features a ‘Rest Mode.’ This allows players to turn off the console but still allows it to download updates, games, etc., while it’s powered down.

It means you don’t need to leave your PS5 on and using energy while it downloads. In fact, while in rest mode, your console will focus its efforts on background tasks – like downloading data.

This is a great way to speed up downloads on PS5, especially if you’re not using the console at that time.

Another way to improve your download speed is to change your NAT Type on PlayStation 5 for a better connection.

Once you’ve got your PS5 games downloaded, here’s how to make sure your games are running in 4K and 120fps.

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