The Normal Gym Test at Medali involves a secret menu dish recipe puzzle in Pokemon Scalet and Violet!

Usually, Gyms in Pokemon can include some minor puzzles. However, Scarlet and Violet have some of the most creative ones in the form of Gym Tests.

The Normal-Type Gym at Medali is no exception, having one of the game’s most entertaining and gourmet puzzles!

How Can I Solve the Medali Normal Gym Secret Menu Item Test?

To complete the Normal Gym Test in Medali, you must order the Secret Menu Item from the Treasure Eatery restaurant. Ordering this menu item requires collecting clues by battling three nearby trainers.

Once all the clues are collected and solved, you can order the right Special Menu Item from the chef at the Eatery.

Start the Hunt for the Secret Menu Item Clues at the Medali Gym

  • As a first step, go to the Normal-Type Gym in Medali.
    • You can reach Medali from the northern section of Cascarrafa by traveling northwest through the Asado Desert and then east from Porto Marinada.
Cascarrafa Route to Medali Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
  • Once in Medali, it is very easy to find the gym. It is a large building with the Gym logo reachable by taking the east path from the Pokemon Center in the western area of Medali.
Medali Normal Type Gym Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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  • If this is your first time in the gym, you might have a brief conversation with Hassel and Rika.
  • Once that conversation is over, talk to the clerk at the counter.
    • He will tell you about the Normal Gym Test and the Secret Menu Item you have to order at the Treasure Eatery.
    • Additionally, he explains that to get all the clues for the Secret Menu Item, you must battle three nearby trainers.
    • The clue you are given is: “how the regulars season their dishes.”

Since you are down the path of Victory Road, you should follow the best possible order to face each Gym Leader in Paldea!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Medali Gym
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Collect & Solve All the Secret Menu Item Clues

In total, there are three different trainers in Medali you should battle to get three clues. After battling and defeating each trainer, talk to them again, and they will share their clue.

LocationsClue ProviderClue InformationClue SolutionTrainer Battle
Medali GymDesk Clerk at the gymFind out “how the regulars season their dishes”Lemon – Talk with the office worker at the bar in Treasure Eatery; he will reveal a squeeze of lemon is the way to give any dish a refreshing kickNo battle required
Outside the Medali GymGisela – Student next to a tree on the left side of the gymLook for “a dark spot surrounded by stairs”Fire Blast – Go down the stairs close to Gisela and check the door of the Amphitheater; it will read “Fire Blast”Gisela the Student – LVL 34 Ursaring
In the middle area of MedaliAdara – Follow the path down from the previous student, and you will see this little trainer on the leftLook for something that’s “the odd one out at one of the ice cream stands”Grilled Rice Balls – The ice cream cart with a blue ice cream cone decor near Adara sells Grilled Rice Balls, making them the “odd one out” on the menuAdara the Student – LVL 34 Gumshoos, LVL 34 Greedent
Southwest area of MedaliSantiago – Student near some benchesListen to the blue bird PokemonMeedyum (Medium) – Stand close to the Medali resident with the blue Squawkabilly on their head, close to the area where Santiago is locatedSantiago the Student – LVL 34 Dunsparce

Added to the clue you received at the Medali gym, this makes the four clues needed for the Secret Menu Item.

All Secret Menu Item Trainers & Solutions Locations + Map

These are all the locations where you can find the three Student trainers with clues for the Secret Dish. Except for Adara the Student, all of them have only one Pokemon.

Medali Trainer Locations Secret Menu Item Gym Puzzle Pokemon Scarlet Violet
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  • Gisela – Student outside the Medali Gym
Trainer Secret Menu Dish Pokemon Scarlet Violet
YouTube: Calem MrNazreenn
  • Gisela’s clue solution
Gisela clue solution secret dish pokemon scarlet violet
YouTube: UnderLeveled
  • Student in the middle of Medali
Adara the Student Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
YouTube: Calem MrNazreenn
  • Adara’s clue solution
Grilled Rice Balls Medali Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
YouTube: UnderLeveled
  • Student near the benches in the southwest area of Medali
Student near benches medali secret menu item Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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  • Santiago’s clue solution
Santiago solution secret dish medali Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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Order the Secret Menu Dish at the Treasure Eatery

Once you have solved all the clues, go to the Treasure Eatery next to the Pokemon Center on the east of Medali and order the Secret Menu Dish with the following specifications:

  • Order – Grilled rice balls
  • Size Serving – Medium serving
  • Cooked – Extra crispy, Fire Blast style
  • Garnish – Lemon

Ordering this menu will trigger a small cutscene in which the dining room on the left is transformed into a battle arena.

Secret Dish at the Treasure Eatery Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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How Can I Challenge the Normal Gym Leader in Medali?

You must complete the Secret Menu Dish Normal Gym Test in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Then, talk to the first server in the Treasure Eatery and select “Yes” when asked if you want to challenge Gym Leader Larry.

If you have already defeated Larry, there is a way to rematch Gym Leaders in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

How to challenge larry Pokemon scarlet violet
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