The Starfield Mantis Puzzle in the Mantis side quest will give players some of the best legendary rewards in the game, but completing it doesn’t come easy.

When you finish this quest, you will receive legendary armor, a legendary quest, and the conclusion to one of the more fun quests that Starfield has to offer. However, there are quite a bit of steps you’ll need to complete.

Here is how to solve the Mantis Puzzle in Starfield to complete the Mantis side quest, and add the Razorleaf legendary ship to your collection.

How to Find Mantis Quest

Players will find the Mantis Quest by picking up the datapad called “Secret Outpost!” from killing and looting Spacers from the Settled Systems. It does seem to be a random loot drop, and there is no specific number of Spacers that you need to eliminate before it drops.

Spacer Drop Starfield Secret Outpost

You’ll encounter Spacers during the Back to Vectera or The Old Neighborhood quests, so there is a high chance to obtain the datapad there.

After you obtain the datapad, you will automatically trigger the MANTIS quest. This will allow you to see the quest icon for it that leads to the star system Denebola. Head to Denebola 1-B toward the marked spot. This will lead you to the entrance of the Lair of the Mantis.

Entrance of Lair of the Mantis

You’ll want to do this quest as soon as you find it since it allows you to change your ship to a legendary spaceship with better capabilities.

Explore The Lair Of The Mantis

When you reach Denebola 1-B, you’ll come across the Lair of the Mantis, which you can explore in order to get a Legendary Spaceship.

There are a few important things you should keep an eye on or remember while exploring the Lair of the Mantis:

  • If you explore this area, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the entire story of the phantom known as the Mantis and why Spacers across the galaxy are afraid of that name through the audio journals you find.
  • You will encounter an NPC named Livvey. If you interact with him, you can either enlist his help, tell him to leave for his safety, or kill him.
    • If you enlist his help, then he can help you disarm some of the traps along the way. However, when you solve the final puzzle, his excitement will get the better of him.
    • If you ask him to leave, then he will attack you, and you will be forced to eliminate him.
Livvey Starfield
  • There are quite a bit of high-level enemies here, so we suggest bringing plenty of ammo and heals since they are hard to come by in the actual lair.
  • Scavenge through everything to find all the audio journals and materials that you can get. This will become helpful when you reach the final area of the lair and need to solve the puzzle.
Leon Volccain - Sic Semper Tyrannis

The Lair of the Mantis may seem quite difficult, but it is entirely possible to do at a low level. You will likely die a few times, but with enough heals and ammo, you can get by in order to obtain the incredible rewards.

Once you reach the end of the lair, you’ll find yourself with some letters on the floor that make up the Mantis puzzle in Starfield. If you step on an incorrect letter, then you will activate a turret that can instantly kill you.

How to Solve Mantis Puzzle

To solve the Starfield Mantis quest puzzle, you need to walk through the lettered platforms and spell out the word “TYRANNIS” in order to not trigger the turret trap that insta-kills your player.

When you start walking through the hallway, you will see various letters on the floor puzzle. You need to start with the letter T and then spell out TYRANNIS until you reach the door on the other side of the room.

So essentially, you need to step on the letters in the following order:

  1. T (3rd button)
  2. Y (1st button)
  3. R (5th button)
  4. A (6th button)
  5. N (4th button)
  6. N (7th button)
  7. I (2nd button)
  8. S (3rd button)
Mantis Puzzle Solution Starfield

After you reach the other side, you will need to be careful because there are still turrets that can kill you. Destroy them before you head into the living quarters of the Mantis to get your rewards.

Mantis Quest Rewards & Legendary Ship

Players that complete the Mantis quest in Starfield and solve the puzzle will get a legendary Mantis Spacesuit, Mantis Pack, Mantis Space Helemt, and the legendary Razorleaf class A spaceship.

Legendary Mantis SpaceSuit

These items are miles better than anything you’ll find early in Starfield, so it’s recommended that you start the Mantis quest as soon as you find the “Secret Outpost” datapad. All of this gear is durable enough to last you through the first 50 hours of Starfield or maybe even more.

This is also one of the fastest ways to get yourself on a Class A legendary ship, the Razorleaf. You will notice it is quite an upgrade from the ship that you start with, and it can also trigger unique dialog from Spacers you meet while exploring space.

Razorleaf Legendary Spaceship

The suit and storyline itself is also a small nod toward one of the most iconic vigilantes in pop culture, so it’s a fun quest to do and experience.