To solve the chess puzzles in Hogwarts legacy, you will need to use the Transformation spell to turn an object into a chess piece and Wingardium Leviosa to move it to a checkmate position on the board.

There are currently two known chess puzzles throughout the world and they can be located here:

There are also three types of pieces you will discover when transforming objects:

  • Pot – Rook
  • Vase – Bishop
  • Chair – Knight

Of course, knowing how chess pieces move will undoubtedly be a big help but if you do not understand how the game works, we’ll show you exactly where to move the pieces further down.

As a reward for completing these puzzles, you will receive some gear. If the reward is hidden, you will need to head to the Room of Requirement to reveal this unidentified item.

These chess puzzles can be discovered within treasure vaults, but they aren’t the only kind of vault challenge you’ll need to complete throughout the game. Make sure you know how to open each treasure vault in order to get the strongest gear!

Poidsear Coast Chess Puzzle Solution

The Poidsear Coast chess puzzle is located to the north of the Poidsear Coast region.

hogwarts legacy chess puzzle poidsear coast location

To solve this puzzle and unlock the chest for your reward, you will need to do the following:

  • Use Depulso on the two rotating pillars outside the vault to open the door.
How to open vault
  • Locate the object inside the room using Revelio.
hogwarts legacy chess puzzle transforming white pot
  • Use the Transformation spell on the pot to turn the object into a Rook.
  • Use Wingardium Leviosa to move and place the piece directly on the slab that will checkmate the king.
hogwarts legacy chess puzzle solution
  • The king will shatter and the chest will appear in the room.
hogwarts legacy chess puzzle reward

Marunweem Lake Chess Puzzle Solution

The Marunweem Lake chess puzzle can be located just south of the Marunweem Lake Floo Flame.

Marunweem Chess puzzle location

To solve this chess puzzle and unlock the chest for your reward, you will need to do the following:

  • Head down the path outside the vault until you reach a hut.
  • Inside the hut, use Alohomora to unlock the cage to access the cube.
Cube locked in cage
  • Use Wingardium Leviosa to carry the cube back to the vault and place it on top of the stone slab.
  • Hit the cube with the Glacius spell to open the door.
Cube to open vault door
Credit: WoW Quests
  • Head into the vault and follow the cavern until you reach the room with the chess board.
  • Locate the object in the room using Revelio and use the Transformation spell to change into the chess piece.
location of chair in vault
Credit: WoW Quests
  • Place the object in the correct position to checkmate the king.
Marunweem Lake puzzle solution
  • The king will crumble and your reward will appear.
Vault reward

Of course, there are over 114 Treasure Vaults in Hogwarts Legacy, so if you discover any more chess puzzles, let us know and we can guide you on the solution to that one as well!

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