The mine puzzle in God of War Ragnarok is frustrating many players as it can be quite complicated. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

During the Quest for Tyr main mission in God of War Ragnarok, after heading into the Applecore mine, you will need to solve three water wheel puzzles.

These puzzles range from easy to downright mind-boggling, so it’s no surprise that some players are getting stuck. If you’re one such player, don’t worry, you’re really not alone.

We’ve got a step-by-step guide on how to solve all of the puzzles in the mines in God of War Ragnarok, which will see you finally finish them.

You’ll need to jump from platform to platform while solving these puzzles, so make sure you know how to jump and climb in God of War Ragnarok first.

How to Solve the First Water Wheel Puzzle in the Quest for Tyr 

To solve this mine puzzle in God of War Ragnarok, you need to get the water flowing into the second trough so it raises the block in the water. It’s easy enough to do, so just follow these simple steps:

  1. Aim (hold L2) and throw (press R2) your Leviathan Axe at the beginning of the trough (to the right of the wheel). This will freeze the water.
  2. Next, aim at the pile of rocks inside the furthest trough just to the right of the door
  3. Shoot at that with Atreus’ arrow to break them apart.
  4. Retrieve your axe (press triangle), and the water will flow through the trough completely.
  5. Finally, aim at the edge of the trough (where the water is now flowing) to freeze it.
  6. This will push the water into the second trough and move the wheel.

How to Solve the Second Water Wheel Puzzle in the Quest for Tyr

The second water wheel puzzle in God of War Ragnarok is very easy and won’t take much effort on your part. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be through in no time:

  1. Aim and throw your axe at the leftmost part of the trough where the water is spilling out
  2. This will freeze the water and push it onto the leftmost water wheel, raising the block.
  3. Next, instead of swinging across, turn right and jump down to the lower platform. There’s a chest there, so don’t forget to loot it.
  4. Climb up the chain and then onto the next platform.
  5. Head to the edge of the platform (so you can see the troughs and wheels) and use your Blades of Chaos to pull the lever (press O when you’re prompted to).
  6. Next, head back down and swing across to the elevator. You’ll notice it’s gone all the way, but don’t panic.
  7. Retrieve your axe (press Triangle) once you’ve reached the elevator side.
  8. Then, aim and throw it at the edge of the trough directly to the right of the elevator (that’s pushing the wheel).
  9. This will lower the elevator. Step inside and then retrieve your axe one last time to ride the elevator to the top.

How to Solve the Third Water Wheel Puzzle in the Quest for Tyr

The third water wheel in God of War Ragnarok is by far the trickiest and has multiple stages to it. However, if you follow these easy steps, you’ll have solved this mine puzzle before you know it:

  1. The first thing you’ll need to do is fix the chain before you reach the water wheel puzzle itself. To do this, simply look down in the pit just after the chain, aim, and shoot at the rocks covering the rope with Atreus’ arrow. 
  2. Pull the rope up using the chain and then glide across (press O when prompted)
  3. Once you’ve reached the other side, turn left and jump over to the next platform. Push Atreus up to the platform above (press O when prompted), and he’ll discover a crank.
  4. The next part is a bit tricky, so use the images provided if you’re not 100% sure. You’ll want to aim your axe at the trough closest to Atreus. Throw it at the point just after the stationary wheel behind it. 
  5. Once you’ve done that, the stationary water wheel will begin moving, and a mine cart will be brought over to the other trough.
  6. At this point, ask Atreus (press Square when prompted) to use the crank. This will unload ore into the trough. Wait for all three to be unloaded to create a dam that prevents the water from going down the trough, even if you retrieve your axe.
  7. Retrieve your axe and head over to the edge of the platform that overlooks the mine cart and second trough.
  8. Aim your axe above the stationary wheel next to that trough and throw it (see pictures if you’re unsure). This will raise a grapple point which will let you swing over to the mine cart.
  9. Finally, aim at the ore and ask Atreus to shoot it (press Square). This will move the mine cart over to the door, and you’ll have finished the puzzle. 
  10. It is worth noting that to the left of the door is one of Odin’s ravens. So go ahead and throw your axe at it if you’re looking to find them all. 

Additionally, before the third water wheel puzzle is a Draugr hole which you need to close for the Born From Fire favor. However, you should know how to beat the Hateful boss first, before you close it.

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