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How to Solve Diablo 4’s Secret of the Spring Riddle: A Guide

Solve the Riddle and Reap Hidden Side Quest Rewards
Key Points
Completion Time:
2-5 Minutes
Buried Treasure Chest (Random Loot)
Must Haves:
None Required

North of Kyovashad, players will find a small note presenting them with the Diablo 4 Secret of the Spring Riddle quest.

This early game side quest in Diablo 4 leads players to a mysterious spring where they’ll need to use their patience to solve a riddle.

But, to crack this mystery, players will need to face some uncharted territory in the Diablo franchise.

To complete Diablo 4’s Secret of the Spring Riddle, players need to approach the spring found in the Trough of Orobas area and use the “Wait” emote. However, we have a step-by-step guide below:

Once players emote, a Buried Chest will appear on the north side of the spring and mark the side quest as completed.

Spring Riddle Note Location

  1. Find the Spring Riddle Note in the Kylsik Plateau.
    • The Spring Riddle is located north of Kyovashad under the Forsaken Quarry Dungeon.
    • You’ll find the note on the floor with a blue checkmark above it.
    • The note reads, “Beacon of warmth in winter’s embrace, patience rewarded by nature’s own grace.
Diablo 4 Spring Riddle Note Location

Secret of the Spring Location

  1. Make your way to the spring in Trough of Orobas.
    • When you pick up the note, you’ll see the light blue circle on your map around the area where the spring is located.
    • Follow the path shown in the map below to arrive at the spring.
Secret of the Spring Diablo 4 Solution Location

Completing the Riddle

  1. Equip the “Wait” emote.
    • Open your Wheel by using the prompt on the button right of your Diablo 4 HUD.
    • Press the Customize button.
    • Scroll below “Yes,” and you will see “Wait” as Not Assigned.
    • Assign it to a spot on your Wheel.
Emote Wheel Customization
  1. Use the “Wait” emote in front of the spring.
    • Bring up the Wheel.
    • Highlight the “Wait” emote.
    • Use the emote in front of the spring, and a treasure chest will appear and mark the quest completed.

Secret of the Spring: Riddle Treasure Chest

The treasure chest which appears will provide random loot, which is slightly better loot than you’d find in most world chests.

Spring Riddle Treasure Chest

The “beacon of warmth” is the hot spring in the middle of a blizzard, and “patience rewarded” refers to the player completing an act of patience.

That is why using the “Wait” emote solves the Spring Riddle note and completes the quest.

There are plenty of other things to find in Diablo 4 that are easy to miss when you first start. Use this beta to explore the different areas and find even more secret riddles!

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