Snaking in Modern Warfare 2 is a powerful movement mechanic that players can use to make themselves harder targets to kill while fighting other enemies.

Here is how to snake in MW2:

  1. Find an object that can hide your body while crouching and allows you to look over when standing.
  2. Press the prone button (press and hold O on PlayStation, B on Xbox, or CTRL on PC) but sprint forward when the left hand comes off the weapon.
  3. Repeat step 2 continuously to bob up and down to gather information on enemy locations.
  4. If you see an enemy, peak up, aim down sights, and shoot to kill them.
Player snaking in Modern Warfare 2
The left hand is off the weapon. This is when you sprint forward

Snaking in Modern Warfare 2 is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the competitive scene. Using this maneuver in Ranked Play is one step to increasing your rank, but you must also use the best loadouts.

This movement is extremely overpowered as players will only see your head for a short period of time each time you stand up.

It is a tough mechanic to master, and we recommend using the Tactical button layout or switching the Prone button to the right analog stick. This is much easier to use than pressing B or O.

We also suggest turning on Single Tap Tun to increase the speed you can snake. This can be found in the settings: Controller → Advanced → Movement Behaviors → Tactical Sprint Behavior.

What is Snaking in Modern Warfare 2?

Snaking is a movement mechanic in which a player alternates between a crouched and standing position while hidden behind an object.

If performed correctly, the player will be extremely difficult to kill. Snaking will allow the player to get information on enemy positions.

Doing this will let you decide when the gunfight happens, giving you much more control over situations.

Using this technique will improve your MW2 gameplay, and if you use it in Ranked Play, you will climb those divisions to earn some great rewards!

CoD content creator Attach’s video excellently demonstrates the snaking technique if you learn best visually:

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