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How to Slide Cancel in Warzone Pacific on PC and Console

Looking to slide cancel in Warzone Pacific? We’ve got you covered in this guide!

While a lot of things have changed in Warzone with the Pacific update, the movement mechanics remain the same.

Season 1 of Warzone Pacific brought a lot of new weapons and Operators into the game. Although, plenty of bugs and glitches came attached with it, which is why developers are prioritizing fixing bugs over releasing Warzone Pacific Season 2.

But if you’re looking to breeze past your opponents and surprise them with your unpredictable movement in Warzone, adding slide canceling to your bag of tricks will definitely help you.

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Slide Canceling in Warzone Pacific

While fans want ‘Warzone 2.0’ With Modern Warfare 2, it is important to practice the classic but essential movements in the game as well. And the most significant of them all is slide canceling in Warzone.

Slide canceling is essentially performing Tactical Sprint in quick succession, allowing players to sprint faster than normal speed. This process blends animations together and gives the players a slight edge.

How to Slide Cancel With a Keyboard on PC in Warzone Pacific

  1. Set the Change Stance/Slide to a key that you’re comfortable with. Usually, players bind it to C.
  2. Double press your Sprint key to Tactical Sprint.
  3. Immediately after, tap your Slide key and quickly press it again to crouch and come back to a standstill.
  4. Repeat the above steps again and again to get comfortable with slide canceling.

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How to Slide Cancel With a Controller on Console in Warzone Pacific

  1. Start sprinting.
  2. When your Tactical Sprint is about to finish, press the Slide button.
  3. Before your slide slows down fully, tap the Slide button once more.
  4. Press the Slide button again and then press the Jump button.
  5. Repeat the above steps over and over to continue slide canceling in Warzone Pacific.

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In other news, the friends’ list is glitched and appears to be empty in Warzone. So much for having a good time with your squad!

Also, improving your aim and accuracy in Warzone is a must before Pacific Season 2 goes live.

Finally, if you’re tired of playing the big Caldera map, give Rebirth Island a shot with the best weapon loadouts in hand.

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