The ability to Slide Cancel is back in MW3 as players can use this movement trick again to move faster across the map.

Movement has been one of the biggest changes in MW3 as Sledgehammer Games has put focus on bringing back fan-favorite mechanics in terms of traversal.

Now, Slide Cancelling is possible once more. If you don’t know how to use this method of travel, you will certainly want to know how. So let’s dive into how to perform it allowing you to gain an advantage.

How to Slide Cancel in Modern Warfare 3 on PlayStation & Xbox

To Slide Cancel in MW3 on PlayStation and Xbox, you must:

  1. First, press the slide button while sprinting.
  2. Next, press the crouch button when the operator hits the slide and is near the ground.
  3. Finally, press the jump button immediately after crouching.

Depending on which controller layout you use, the buttons for these interactions will differ. Here are the combinations for Slide Canceling on both Default and Tactical:

  • Default:
    • PlayStation: Circle + Circle + X
    • Xbox: B + B + A


  • Tactical:
    • PlayStation: R3 + R3 + X
    • Xbox: RS + RS + A


Here is an example of this Slide Cancel movement in action:

How to Slide Cancel in MW3 on PC

To Slide Cancel in MW3 on PC, you must:

  • Double tap your Tactical Sprint keybind.
    • This is left shift by default.
  • Press your Crouch/Slide keybind to slide and then hit it again almost instantly to return to a crouching position.
    • This is left control by default.
Player using the slide cancel in MW3
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