Sometimes you just don’t fancy that next game with your squad so it’s good manners to learn how to sit out in Fortnite!

There’s nothing worse than that downtime between games, particularly in a battle royale setting. Having to wait for your whole squad to hit ready up, while one of your friends needs the bathroom and the other is scrolling on their phone can be a pain.

Luckily, for those who aren’t ready to immediately drop in once again, there is an option to sit out in Fortnite, and save your mates from having to wait for you.

Sitting Out in Fortnite

Why not send this guide to that one player that seems terminally AFK after each round?

How to Sit Out in Fortnite

To sit out in Fortnite, follow these steps:

  • Press Options/Menu/Esc/+ to open the Fortnite Menu
  • Select your profile icon in the top left
  • Find ‘Participation’
  • Choose ‘Sitting Out’

Now you’ll sit out of future Fortnite games, allowing your team to keep playing without needing you to ready up.

An option to sit out is also available in the post-game menu, after your squad has either been eliminated or achieved victory.

How to Sit Out Fortnite

How to Stop Sitting Out

To stop sitting out, simply head back into the menu the same way you did above, and change your Participation status back from Sitting Out.

Alternatively, you can hit the big yellow Play button to immediately re-join the party and ready up.

Bear in mind that your party will need to return to the lobby before you can hop into a game with them.

They can’t simply ready up after a game and bring you directly into the pre-game lobby without coming back to pick you up!

What Does ‘Sit Out’ Mean in Fortnite?

The option to sit out in Fortnite will allow your remaining squad member to continue queuing up for a game without you – at least until you’re ready once again!

Players can sit out as long as they want before returning to the party.

The feature is a great way to avoid inconveniencing your team whether you need the bathroom, to grab a quick drink, or even if it’s time for dinner.

Sitting out is particularly useful as it allows you to remain in the party, rather than leaving and rejoining later. As soon as you’re ready to play again, you can hop right back in when the next game begins.

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