You can show your FPS when playing Warzone 2 on PC by enabling the FPS Counter from the Interface Settings.

  • Boot up Warzone 2
  • On the Main Menu, press F3 or click the Gear icon to open the Settings Menu
  • Select Interface
  • Scroll down until you see Telemetry
  • Choose Show More
    • This will bring up a list of items you can display on your HUD.
FPS Counter Warzone 2
  • Toggle FPS Counter to On

You will now be able to see your FPS displayed in the top left corner of the screen.

Note: the FPS Counter setting is not available on console. Only PC players are able to display their FPS in-game.

How to Show FPS On Warzone 2

If you want to see your Ping, Toggle Server Latency to On as well.

Console players will only have the option to display the following features:

  • Server Latency (Ping)
  • Packet Loss
  • Clock
  • Connection Meter

Once you’ve toggled both those settings, you’ll see your FPS and Ping in-game while playing Warzone 2 in the top left of your HUD above the mini-map.

While you’re in your Settings menu, don’t forget to use the recommended Warzone 2 performance settings for the best experience.

Can You Display FPS on Console in Warzone 2?

No, there is no way to turn on the FPS Counter on PS4/PS5 or Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S. The setting is currently only available on PC.

Console players can choose to display Server Latency, Packet Loss, Clock, and Connection Meter at the top of their screens instead.

To find these settings, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Press the Options/Menu button on your controller to bring up the Pause Menu in Warzone 2
  • Press R1/RB to navigate to the Settings Gear icon
Interface Settings
  • Scroll down and choose Interface
  • From the Interface Settings, scroll down until you see Telemetry
  • Press Square/X to “Show More” options
Telemetry Settings
  • Toggle Server Latency to display your current Ping
  • Toggle Packet Loss to display potential data loss between your console and the Warzone servers
  • Toggle Clock to display the time

Once activated, you’ll see all three settings in the top left of the screen, above the mini-map when in-game.

Another important setting you’ll want to toggle on is the Contextual Tap in Warzone 2. This allows you to pick up items in Al Mazrah quickly.