Get around Hyrule in style by mastering The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s Shield Surf mechanic.

For those that didn’t play BOTW, there’s a secret trick that only the true Zelda pros know.

If you’re at the top of any hill, the fastest and most fun way down isn’t using Link’s trusty glider – it’s by cosplaying as Lord of the Rings’ Legolas and going Shield Surfing!

How to Shield Surf

To Shield Surf in Zelda: TOTK, players must:

  1. Hold ZL (back left trigger) to hold out your shield
  2. Press X to jump
  3. Press A while in the air

To instantly Shield Surf in Tears of the Kingdom, simply press ZL, X, and A simultaneously!

How to Shield Surf in Tears of the Kingdom

If the player is on a slanted surface, they will begin Shield Surfing down the slope.

However, should you be standing on a flat surface, or run out of hill while moving, Link will stop surfing automatically.

Be warned, however – Shield Surfing degrades your current Shield at a rapid pace. Therefore we’d stick to using low-tier Shields you have clogging up your inventory.

However, fusing items with Link’s Shield could lead to interesting results when Surfing, and it’ll let you increase the durability too!

Link Shield Surfing in Zelda TOTK

Remember, you can hold Left on the D-Pad to switch your Shield at any time. Make sure you’re not using your best equipment or it’ll break before you even get into combat!

But if you’re tired of surfing along the ground, why not ride the air with TOTK’s new Zonai Wings?

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