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How to Setup Your New PS5 Console Once You Get It Home

The PS5 is two days from release, in the first few regions anyway. Others may need to wait a week longer. But what happens once you get your new PS5 console home?

Your answer to this question may be, “I’m going to plug it in and play, duh.” We hear you, that’s exactly what we’re going to do too, but it won’t be that simple for some.

New technology can be intimidating; some people will have just spent a significant amount of money on their new console. Therefore, setting it up and doing it right can be as stressful as it is exciting.

Those of us who enjoy the modern trappings of games consoles will understand what we need to do. But for the non-gamer parent buying their young child their first console, this can be a confusing time.

Not everyone knows their HDMI 2.1 from their old school SCART cables. Or what rapid 140hz refresh rate alongside 120fps represents.

If any of this resonates with you, don’t worry, Sony have you covered. They have released an easy to use ‘Getting started with your new PS5 console’ guide – and we’re here to help break it down for you.

Setting Up Your New PS5 Console

So, you’ve just unboxed your new PS5. We hope you took your time and made a meal out of it. We know we’re going to.

To be fair, Sony’s set-up guide is relatively simple to understand, but let’s go over it in stages.

Attach The PS5 Base

The PS5 is different from earlier consoles. It comes with a base to keep the console elevated and protected.

The base can attach to the PS5 in two areas, giving users the chance to vertically stand the console or lay it on its side horizontally.

The choice is yours; either way, the base hooks on and clicks into place.

It’s worth noting that the base will need screwing into place if you’re going to stand it up and use it in a vertical position.

Connecting Your New PS5 to Your TV

Or you could be connecting it to a monitor. Like the PS4 and most other modern appliances, the PS5 will connect via HDMI port.

It will come with a cable for this. So, all you’ll need to do is attach it to the back of the console, and the other side will connect to the back of your TV.

The PS5 is HDMI 2.1 ready, so if you have a 4K (or above) TV that also has this functionality, then you’re in for a visual treat.

However, if you just have a standard 4K TV or even a non-4K TV, your console will still connect and look fantastic while running games or other media.

The console will also come with an AC supply to plug it into the mains.

Once your TV is connected to your new PS5, you’ll see a series of options:

  • Connect the controller to the system
  • Select your language
  • Adjust display settings
  • Control power options for Rest Mode
  • Read and accept the user agreement

These are self-explanatory or depend on your preference, so select as appropriate.

ps5 accessories

Connect Your New PS5 To the Internet

The PS5 will prompt you to do this after the above. Therefore, all you need to do is input your security key and let the console connect to your wireless network—something it should do without any issue.

Although you can do this manually by going into the settings. But we recommend doing it when the system prompts you to. It’s essential for the next stage.

Update Your PS5’s System Software

Once your PS5 connects to the internet, it will need to download and install an update. At this stage, we don’t know how long this will take. It could be minutes or hours, depending on how fast your connection is and how big the update is.

Launch updates are usually pretty big, so give your console the time it needs to complete this. Your new PS5 will be downloading all the things it needs to work properly.

If you’re reading this and setting up your console sometime after launch, be aware there may have been subsequent updates since. Therefore, it may take longer as the PS5 has more to install. But once it does, you’ll be good to go.

Log into Or Create A PSN Account

If you’re an existing PSN user, then you’ll need to log into your account on PS5 for the first time. Again, the PS5 will prompt you to do this, but you’ll also be able to do it manually in the settings menu if you’re not ready.

If you don’t have a PSN account, then we’d recommend you create one. It’s free, but it will require your bank card details. But don’t worry, this is so that you can purchase games, etc. from the PSN store if you wish.

Once you have an active PSN account, you’ll also have the option to join some of PlayStation’s paid services, should you so choose.

There’s PS Plus, a service that requires an annual or monthly fee. This has many perks, including free games, cloud storage back-up for your game saves, and the ability to play games online with other people.

Sony also have their PS Now service; this lets you stream games to your console instead of buying them physically. Think of it as a rental service.

The main advantage of this is it lets you play games from earlier PlayStation eras such as the PS2 or PS3. While the PS5 is backwards compatible with the PS4, it isn’t with earlier PlayStation games.

Go Forth and Conquer

There is also other advice on Sony’s ‘Getting Started’ page. Such as; how to transfer your PS4 data to your PS5, how to download a digital game from the store, and even how to play games online. – But we’ll let you dive into this advice when you’re ready on Sony’s website.

Until then, congratulations on your new PS5 console! We hope you have a lot of fun.

While you’re here, check out our advice about our 4K TV guide for the PS5. Also, here’s which PS5 games are already available in stores.


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