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How to Set Up Your Xbox Series X/S Faster on Launch Day

When it comes to November 10, you want to spend most of the day playing, not waiting. Here’s how to set up your Xbox Series X/S faster on launch day.

The day of the next-gen launch is just around the corner, and players are itching to get their hands on the new hardware. With the Xbox Series X and Series S set to launch on November 10, the wait is almost over.

But as many players will know, launch day isn’t always all its cracked up to be. For those getting a new console on release, there’s quite the setup ahead of you.

Xbox Series X-S
(Source: Microsoft)

Never fear, however, as there’s a way to set up your Xbox Series X/S faster on launch day. Follow these instructions, and you’ll be playing with those next-gen graphics in no time.

The New and Improved Xbox App

In an interview on the Major Nelson podcast, Larry Hyrb and Jeff Rubenstein discuss optimizing your Xbox Series X/S launch day.

“For those of you that don’t know, we have an app now”, MajorNelson comments. “It’s been updated and it’s got a bunch of really cool new stuff in it.”

Besides making it easier to share screenshots and access your Friends list, the Xbox app will now help control your console. Storage management is now possible from your phone, including downloading or deleting new games.

But where the app really shines is that it makes it far easier and quicker to set up a new console. According to Rubenstein, the app allows users to have a “streamlined setup process.”

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How to Set Up Your Xbox Series X/S Faster

When you first plug in an Xbox Series X/S, the device will begin downloading the newest software update. Players can use their Xbox app to input passwords, select options, and make profiles all from their phone.

To get started, simply tap an icon in the top right corner of the app, and select ‘Set Up A Console.’ From here, the app will walk you through the process, even as your new hardware is getting warmed up.

From here, you’ll be playing your Xbox Series X or Series S before you know it. The podcast hosts are quick to point out that the launch day update won’t take long.

This is especially true when you consider the console’s lightning-fast loading times allow it to boot in seconds. If you want to see what the next-gen update looks like for yourself, the Xbox Series X’s new UI is available now on Xbox One.

Interestingly, a new report suggests that analysts think Xbox Series X will sell twice as much as PS5. Whether this claim is true, we’ll have to wait only a few more days to find out.

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