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How to Set up Your New Xbox Series X|S Console

If you’ve got a new Xbox Series X/S and you want to get set up and gaming as soon as possible, you’re in the right place.

The day is finally here, and the Xbox Series X/S launch is upon us. With gamers across the world eager to get started with their new console, thankfully, it’s not an effort to get set up.

Microsoft has made it easier than ever to jump right into gaming. There are just a few things that players need to know to set up their new Xbox Series X/S console.

What’s in the Xbox Series X/S Box?

Firstly, let’s take a look at what you’ll find when you open the Xbox Series X/S box. Upon lifting the lid, you’ll see the console itself, surrounded with foam or cardboard packing.

Xbox Series X/S Set Up
(Source: Thurrott)

Above the console, you’ll be able to lift the lid of a separate box. This contains your power cord, Xbox Wireless Controller, and a high-speed HDMI cable.

Make sure you’ve got some space around your TV and monitor and that your screen has a spare HDMI port for you to use.

How to Set up the Xbox Series X/S

Xbox Series X and Series S
(Source: Microsoft)


To begin with the Xbox Series X/S set up, plug the power cord into the console’s rear. This should lead to an available plug socket near your TV or monitor.

Run the high-speed HDMI cable from the console to the TV. A TV’s HDMI port is usually present on the back or side of the hardware.

Should the HDMI be too short for your purposes, you can use a different cable. However, Series X users should note that the included HDMI is an ultra-high-speed HDMI 2.1, so a suitable replacement must be found.

Power On

Next, power on the console by pressing the Xbox button on the front of the device. On a mobile device, make sure to download the Xbox app from the app store.

The process can also be completed without the use of a mobile device, but using the Xbox app makes the process a lot easier and more user-friendly. On the Xbox app, you’ll be able to enter in a code that your Xbox is displaying, and the software will guide you from there.

Xbox App

Xbox App Mobile
(Source: Microsoft)

A number of options can be selected to fit your preferences, you can connect to Wi-Fi, and you can sign in to your Microsoft account. Don’t worry if you don’t have an account yet; creating one is easy.

If you’re a past Xbox user, all your settings and history can come with you with the Series X/S set up. Meanwhile, your Xbox will get on with downloading a Day One software update, all while you’re picking your settings.

Controller Update

The Xbox Wireless Controller will also need to turn on at this point. Thankfully, the device comes with 2 AA batteries to insert.

Once your controller has power, hit the Xbox button to turn it on. A small hardware update will install before you go further.

And voila – you’re all ready to play! The Microsoft app makes it easier than ever when it comes to setting up your Xbox Series X/S.

If you’re yet to get your hands on the next-gen console, be warned. The Xbox Series X/S stock shortage could last for months.

The shortage of new hardware is so severe that Amazon is delaying some Xbox Series X pre-orders at the last minute. But if you’ve already got your console and you’re encountering problems, here’s how to solve all known Xbox Series X/S issues.

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