Pokemon GO players have a brand new feature to enjoy – here’s how to set up and use the Pokemon GO Buddy and Egg Widget!

Keeping track of your progress in Pokemon GO can be annoying, but luckily, Niantic has added a new feature to make this way easier.

The new Widgets for Pokemon GO are perfect for everyone who wants to track their progress without going into the menus.

Here’s how you can install the two different Pokemon GO Widgets – one for Eggs and the other for Buddies!

Pokemon GO Snorlax Buddy

What Are the Pokemon GO Buddy & Egg Hatching Widgets?

Pokemon GO’s Widget feature lets you easily track the progress of your Buddy as well as the Eggs you’re hatching without even opening the app.

This is because the Widgets display a lot of useful information on your phone’s home screen.

  • The Buddy Widget Shows:
    • Which Pokemon is currently your Buddy
    • How many hearts you have earned from walking with your Buddy today
    • The distance you have to walk to earn a Buddy Heart
    • Your Buddy Pokemon’s hunger meter
  • The Egg Hatching Widget Shows:
    • Every Egg you are currently hatching and their type
    • The type of Incubator your hatching Eggs are in
    • The total and remaining walking distance required to hatch each Egg

The Buddy Widget allows you to keep track of your progress toward earning Buddy Hearts.

Meanwhile, the Egg Widget lets you see how far you need to walk to hatch your next Egg. No more opening the app and checking every 5 minutes!

Although to make the most of these features, you’ll first need to enable Adventure sync in the game settings. Next, you’ll actually have to add the Widget to your phone.

Don’t forget to buy some Incubators to hatch your Eggs too.

Pokemon GO Buddy Widget

How to Add Pokemon GO Buddy & Egg Hatching Widget to Your Phone’s Home Screen

To add the Pokemon GO Buddy and Egg Hatching Widgets to your phone, you need to have the Pokemon GO app installed and then hold down on your phone’s home screen to add either or both of the widgets.

The method to do this is slightly different depending on if you have an iOS or Android phone.


  • On your Home Screen, tap and hold down an app, widget, or an empty space until all of the apps jiggle.
  • Press the + button in the top left corner and scroll down until you find the Pokemon GO Widgets.
  • Add either or both of the Buddy and Egg Widgets.
  • Press done to confirm that you want to add them.
  • You can also move these Widgets to wherever you like on your home screen.
Pokemon GO Buddy And Egg Widget


  • On your Home screen, press and hold an empty area.
  • Tap the Widgets option.
  • Tap and hold the Pokemon GO Buddy or Egg widget. You’ll get images of your home screens.
  • Place the Widget wherever you want it on your phone’s home screen.

Now that you’ve added the Widget find out what you can hatch in Pokemon GO eggs right now.

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