After a long trial period, Discord is now available for everyone to use on Xbox. The process to access it can be a little complex, so we’re here to help.

Discord is an incredibly popular voice and instant messaging app and is very useful for people playing video games together. Fortunately, for those who prefer it over Xbox’s standard voice-chatting options, it is finally available on the platform.

It is also entirely free for the Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. However, to access it you have to go through a slightly long-winded process, especially if you don’t already have the Discord and Xbox apps on your phone.

Setting Up Discord on Xbox Series X/S & Xbox One

To access Discord on your Xbox, you need to:

  • Download the Discord and Xbox apps onto your phone
  • Use the Discord app to join a voice chat and connect it to your Xbox

Use the instructions below to complete both of these steps.

How to Set Up Xbox & Discord Apps on Your Phone

Download the Discord and Xbox app to your mobile device from your app store:

Xbox App Set Up

  • Open the Xbox app and sign into your Microsoft account or create one
  • Once in the Xbox app, you’ll need to set up your console
  • To do this, go to the library tab (icon next to your profile at the bottom) and click “Set Up A Console”, if you do not have a console registered you’ll have to tap on “Get Started” first
  • Click “Add an existing console”
  • The Xbox app will request you to turn on your console and log into your account on said console; make sure you log in using the same Microsoft account you used to log into the mobile app
  • Once your console is on and you are logged in, a prompt to enable remote features will appear on your TV screen, select “Enable” on your Xbox console
  • Now, the mobile app will let you name the console, after this step your Xbox will be registered and ready on the Xbox App
Xbox Console App Registration Process

Discord App Setup

  • Open Discord and either sign in or register an account
  • Open Discord and press your profile icon, which is located at the bottom right corner of the app
  • Head to connections and then press the “ADD” button in the top right
  • Scroll down until you find Xbox and select that
  • Click “Get Started” and sign into your Microsoft account
  • Give Discord the permissions it requires and allow Xbox to access your Discord account
Discord Xbox Connection

It’s a somewhat complex process, so be sure to restart any apps if it doesn’t seem to be working. However, once you’ve set up the various mobile apps, you’re halfway there!

How to Use Discord Voice Chat on Your Xbox

Once both apps are setup up, follow these steps to transfer the audio of a Discord Voice Channel to your Xbox:

  • Tap the voice channel you want to join on the Discord App
  • Flick upwards right above the “Join Voice” button and select the “Join on Xbox” option; this should connect your Discord voice channel to your Xbox
  • Additionally, you can transfer the audio of a voice channel you have already joined by swiping up right above the audio controls and selecting “Transfer to Xbox”
Transfer Discord Voice Channel to Xbox

So long as nothing went wrong, you should have finally set up Discord on your Xbox. Enjoy chatting to your friends through your Xbox One, Xbox Series S, or Xbox Series X, but remember not to close the app on your phone.

As of right now, the Discord functionality is limited to mobile devices. However, this should hopefully change when desktop versions are eventually added.

the discord app open on an Xbox displaying various people in the voice chat overlaid on top of gameplay of Minecraft Dungeons

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