If you’re looking to make some serious credits and thin out your fleet, you’ll need to know how to sell a ship in Starfield.

Perhaps you’re a space pirate who commandeered a vessel, or maybe you’ve simply purchased a bigger, better ship than The Frontier and are looking to make some extra cash.

Whatever the case, it’s good to know how to sell a ship in Starfield to exchange that old rust bucket for some much-needed funds.

How to Sell Your Ship in Starfield

  1. To sell a ship in Starfield, simply land in a major city or spaceport and talk to the Ship Services Technician who will be standing near your landing spot.
Ship Services Technician in Starfield
Ship Services Technician in New Atlantis
  1. Select ‘Let me see what ships you have for sale.’
Starfield Ship Services Technician
  1. Then press Sell (R on PC, Y on Xbox) to switch from the buy menu to the sell menu.
How to Sell a Ship in Starfield
  1. Scroll through your ships and press Sell again (this time Enter on PC, Y on Xbox) to sell one of your choice.

You’ll get one final prompt asking if you’re sure you want to sell the ship, so don’t worry about accidentally getting rid of your favorite vessel.

Selling a Ship in Starfield

There are three things to consider when looking to sell a ship in Starfield:

  • First, you cannot sell your current ‘Home Ship’ i.e. the one currently full of your crew.
  • You also cannot sell The Frontier, the ship given to you at the start of the game.
  • Finally, you can only sell a ship that you’ve already registered, an action that costs a large amount of credits.

You’ll get the option to register a ship whenever you land your new vessel in a major port of any kind, and it isn’t cheap.

If you’ve stolen a new ship just to sell it, that’s certainly going to eat into your profits.

How to Change Your Home Ship in Starfield

To change your Home Ship, simply talk to a Ship Services Technician and select “I’d like to view and modify my ships.”

Then, scroll to the ship you want to make your Home Ship, and press H (PC) or the Menu button (Xbox) to confirm the change. Doing so is free, and you can change back at any time.

How to Change Home Ship in Starfield

In addition to helping you change your Home Ship, Ship Services Technicians will allow players to buy and sell ships freely, as well as modify their existing vessels by installing new parts.

They also have an option to repair your ship for a price, should you need a tune-up.

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