Hogwarts Legacy allows players to interact with magical beasts in ways they never could. Players can use them as mounts, capture them, and even train them to obtain materials.

Players can also capture beasts and sell them to get money to use on other upgrades and items.

To sell beasts in Hogwarts Legacy, you must head to the Brood and Peck in Hogsmeade Village. This is the only place you can sell beasts. Once there, you can earn 120 Galleons for each beast you sell.

  1. Fast travel to one of the Floo Flames in Hogsmeade Village.
  2. Head to the northern part of Hogsmeade, just before the bridge leading to the graveyard.
  3. Enter the Brood and Peck.
  4. Speak to Ellie Peck.
  5. Press R1/LB to change tabs from Buy to Sell.
  6. Choose the Beasts you want to sell.
Brood and Peck Hogwarts Legacy
Brood and Peck Location in Hogwarts Legacy

Any species you sell rewards you with 120 Galleons. None are worth more than the others.

There aren’t any drawbacks to selling beasts. Once you’ve sold them, you can head into the World Map and find their den to capture more.

You can only capture beasts after you’ve completed the Hogwarts Legacy quest, “The Elf, The Nab-sack, and The Loom.” Thankfully, this quest happens relatively early in Hogwarts Legacy, so you won’t need to wait too long if you haven’t unlocked it already.

Selling beasts is one of the best ways to make quick cash to purchase better gear to help with loot rolls.

Best Beast to Sell in Hogwarts Legacy

Since you get 120 Galleons for every species of beasts you sell in Hogwarts Legacy, none are better than others.

Because of this, farming some smaller beasts, like the Puffskien, is better since they are easier to capture.

Although, once you unlock the breeding pen, you can farm beasts without having to capture any for yourself. But to do that, you must complete the “Foal of the Dead” quest.

So once you see it pop up on your quest log, prioritize it to gain access to the breeding pen and upgrade your Vivarium.

Can You Tame Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes, you can also tame beasts in Hogwarts Legacy and use them to farm different materials to upgrade your gear.

To tame a beast, you’ll need to release it in your Vivarium and use the Beast Petting Brush and Beast Feed to gain its favor.

Hogwarts Legacy Tame Beasts
Red Square: The left icon indicates when your beast needs a brush. The right icon indicates when your beast needs to eat.

As soon as you release the beast, you’ll see that it has two icons greyed out. To fill these icons out, you must use the Beast Petting Brush and the Beast Feed.

Once you’ve used both of these on the pet, you’ll have tamed it and can retrieve materials from it. But this is only to upgrade gear and add traits.

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