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How to See Your Game Time Played on PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 brings over a fan-favorite feature from the PS4 that gamers will be very happy to see return. Whether you’re an avid gamer or a casual player, you can now view your total game time played on the PlayStation 5.

Everyone’s got that game that they’ve sunk countless hours into. The one that you come back to so many times that you’ve lost track of just how long you’ve spent playing it.

Now, there’s an easy way to see just how many hours you’ve racked up in-game. Thanks to the PlayStation 5’s impressive UI, it’s easier than ever to view your total game time.

PlayStation 5 Game Time
(Source: Sony)

Should you want to see just how much PS5 screen time you’ve been getting, simply follow these steps.

How to See Your Game Time on PS5

To see your total PS5 playtime, you’ll want to head to the PlayStation 5’s Dashboard.

  1. Open your Profile, situated in the top right corner
  2. Scroll across your profile to the Games tab
  3. Here you can find all of your played games, with how many hours played on your PS5

Just like that, you’ve got all of your PS5 games and how long you’ve played for all laid out in front of you. Enjoy cringing at how long you’ve spent in-game or bragging to your friends.

This feature will be especially interesting when it comes to seeing just how long it took to complete a given title. What’s more, you can then head to the Friends tab and view other users’ total game time too.

Playtime on PS5
(Source: Sony/GameSpot)

According to reports online, any games you’ve brought over from your PS4 will also count towards your total playtime. This suggests that the statistic might actually be connected to your PlayStation account in general.

If you’re looking to bring over your PS4 games to PS5, many backward compatible titles are optimized for the new hardware. It’s not quite as heavily pushed as Xbox’s Play Anywhere feature, but the PS5 is an impressive device even for playing older games.

If you want to get right into the action after getting your new console, be sure to speed up your downloads on PS5. First of all, it’s also important to make sure your PS5 is running at 4K, 120 FPS.

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