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How to See Which Black Ops Cold War Weapons Kill You the Most

Black Ops Cold War players might think they already know which weapons kill them most. Now, there’s a new way to find out for sure.

If there are one or two weapons that just keep popping up on enemy KillCams, you may think they’re in need of a nerf. Chances are, those guns are meta for a reason, after all.

But now you can see which weapons are actually killing you the most, thanks to a new feature in Black Ops Cold War. If you think that the MP5 is the bane of your life, this new list will show you just how many times you’re actually being killed by it.

MP5 Black Ops Cold War
(Source: Treyarch)

It’s an interesting way to get information on your past games. Hopefully, this means that Treyarch is tracking overall weapon kills, and making its next nerf decisions accordingly.

Which Black Ops Cold War Weapons Kill You Most?

To find the statistic, you’ll want to first head to Black Ops Cold War’s Multiplayer. From here, perform the following steps to view the weapons that kill you most in Cold War multiplayer:

  1. Head to the Barracks using the top menu
  2. Select Combat Record
  3. Click on Multiplayer, then Weapons
  4. Down at the bottom, change the filter to ‘Killed By’

And just like that, you’ve got a clear view of which weapons most players are using to kill you in Multiplayer. For me, a player with only a few hours in-game, it seems that I’ve died to the MP5 over twice as many times as the next weapon in my list.

(Source: Treyarch)

Other players report similar statistics. Reddit user KidsSeeBo2 has 590 deaths to the MP5 and 311 to the second weapon in the list.

Interestingly for both of us, the XM4 comes in at second place on the Killed By list. It’s no wonder that many players are starting to make use of the best XM4 loadouts in Black Ops Cold War.

Now that the MP5 has been nerfed in Black Ops Cold War, it’ll be interesting to see how these lists change over time. Other guns have some catching up to do, but we’re only scratching the surface of the game right now.

After all, Black Ops Cold War Season 1 is right around the corner, bringing new weapons and maps to the online Multiplayer. With that in mind, we imagine there will be a new fan-favorite gun out there to be killed by.

Right now, Black Ops Cold War players hate the game’s poor visibility more than they do the weapon balance. That’s clearly saying something, judging by how dominant the MP5 has been thus far.

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