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How to See Your PlayStation Wrap-Up Report 2021 – Most Played Games

If you’re interested in checking which were your most played games in 2021, here’s how to check your PlayStation Wrap-Up Report!

If you’re a PS4 or PS5 gamer, chances are you sink more than a few hours into your PlayStation console. And if you’re looking for an easy way to see how you spent 2021, we’ve got the solution for you.

It’s been a big few days for PlayStation fans! Today, Sony finally responded to Microsoft’s purchase of Activision and the Call of Duty franchise!

PlayStation Wrap-Up

Meanwhile, a huge new Horizon Forbidden West trailer reveals story details and more. The new project from Guerrilla Games is sure to persuade a few fans to pick up a PS5 very soon.

And if you’re still looking for a next-gen console, here’s where to find a PS5 in stock this week!

How to Check Your Most Played Games & Playtime on PS4 & PS5

Sony is giving fans a new way to check their most played games and how long each title was played for, on PS4 and PS5.

Starting today and running through to February 20, both PS4 and PS5 players can access their PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up Report.

Not only will the report reveal your total games played, but it also dives into earned Trophies, playtime, and more!

“You can also view stats achieved collectively by PlayStation players from around the world in 2021, including the most popular weapon in Returnal, total number of wrecks in Destruction AllStars, and the percentage of players who have met Kit in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart,” a new PlayStation blog announces.

PlayStation Wrap-Up Trophies

What’s more, accessing your PlayStation Wrap-Up report will also give players a code to download 4 free avatars.

Simply sign in to the PlayStation Wrap-Up page to find out your own most played games of 2021!

Meanwhile, don’t miss this massive new Elden Ring Dragon Transformation magic leak that’s surfacing online.

And after an early announcement, it seems that GameStop is about to drop some new PS5 bundles too. Lately, GameStop has been forced to offer cheaper next-gen consoles, as it’s clear that fans aren’t willing to spend the extra cash.

Finally, it seems that PS3 games are appearing on the PS5 store amid mysterious rumors of backward compatibility coming soon!

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