It seems that every match in FIFA 23 has at least a few corners for each side, so knowing how to score them is important for anyone looking to climb the online ranks.

FIFA 23 is one of the most unique EA Sports titles due to its brand-new HyperMotion 2 gameplay technology.

Everything has completely changed, including how players handle the ball and how goalkeepers react to certain situations.

So here we’ll teach you about the new corner kick mechanics and how you can score corners every game!

Easiest Way to Score a Header From Corner Kicks

The best way to score corners in FIFA 23 is to use an Inside Foot Curled cross to find your player and easily head the ball in.

To do this, you’ll need to:

  • Use the Right Stick to move the cursor to the furthest right of the circle until it says “Inside Foot Curled.
    • When on the Right Corner it is best to you a player that’s strong foot is the Right as shown below.
    • When on the Left Corner it’ll be better to use a player that has a strong Left foot to properly get that Inside Foot Curled cross.
FIFA 23 Corners(1)
  • Keep the direction relatively the same as the default position. Move it slightly to a position where there are no defenders if you need to.
  • Press the cross button (Square/X) and use full power.
  • Press the shot button (O/B) with your attacking player to easily head the ball in.
FIFA 23 Corner Kicks

This method was found by Twitter user BPM_Animal:

It seems to be pretty consistent, and you may need to mix it up during a match so that your opponent drops their guard and leaves the box unattended.

Also, adding one of the best central midfielders to your team with high passing skills will help your passes meet their mark more frequently.

How to Shoot & Score Directly From a Corner

If your opponent pulls out their goalkeeper far enough, it is possible to get some easy goals straight from a corner without needing a striker to connect with the ball.

  • Use the Right Stick to change the spin to Inside Foot Curled and move the cursor all the way to the edge of the circle. The exact placement is shown in the video below.
  • Use the Left Stick to aim the ball at the corner of the inside box of the goalkeeper.
  • Depending on your player you’ll need to either use full power or 3/4ths of power on your shot.

Using this method, the ball should curve into the net and catch the keeper off guard for an easy goal. You may need to adjust the power and direction depending on the player you are using.

Try to experiment and see what feels natural to you! Once you have a rhythm going this will be a powerful tool to add to your arsenal.

If the goalie blocks your shot or it goes off, try to switch things up in the next corner kick by going short and using a Power Shot from distance.

How to Take a Corner Kick in FIFA 23

  • Choose the direction of your corner kick with the Left Stick.
  • Apply spin to your corner kick using the Right Stick.
    • The type of spin will appear under the circle.
  • Hold Square/X to power up your cross.
    • The more you power up the cross, the quicker it will get to its destination. Some spin types require less power than others to be successful.
  • Press the shot button (O/B) to head the ball in.

Or you can also opt to bring in a second player and do a short pass for a different type of play. To do this, you need to:

  • Press R1/RB to call in a second player.
  • Press X/A to pass the ball short.

It’s always best to have one of the best strikers in FIFA 23 on your team because they have the best shooting in the game and can score some of the more difficult corners.

Or if you are defending a corner and have a lengthy player, you can quickly make your way to your opponent’s box on a counter-attack and line up a shot!

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