EA FC 24 involves a lot of mechanics that take time to learn, and one of them is corner kicks.

Knowing how to set up what angle and power is vital for increasing your chances of scoring. You should also make sure you are equipped with the right players in your squad.

That said, you can use this as a guide to improve this area of your EA FC 24 gameplay.

How to Take EA FC 24 Corners

To take good EA FC 24 corners, you need to:

  1. Aim the ball direction towards the penalty spot inside the box. You do this by moving the Left Stick (LS) to the right of the default starting angle
  2. Once you are ready to launch the ball into the box, switch to your best receiver of the ball using LB/L2
  3. Run toward the penalty spot with your selected player shortly after pressing X/Square to release the ball
  4. Hold B/Circle and aim your LS to aim your header towards the goal

Something you do not need to change is the curve (this is done with the RS) on the corner, no matter who is taking it.

EA FC Corner Power Bar

The amount of power should be between two and a half to three bars for both the corner kick and the header. This can be found highlighted on the bottom left of your screen in-game.

A general tip for EA FC 24 corners is that you should have a left-footed player taking the right-side corners and a right-footed player taking a left-side corner. This is because it creates the necessary direction to perform the correct delivery.

To do this, you need to:

  1. Load into EA FC Ultimate Team
  2. Scroll to the club using RB/R2
  3. Enter the club, then enter the squad
  4. Press the Left Stick (LS) and scroll to Custom Tactics
  5. Head over to the Roles section
  6. Click the Left Corner/Right Corner and click your desired player
EA FC Corner Instructions

Here are some more EA FC 24 tips shared by a 20-0 Champions player.

If your opponent moves their goalkeeper manually, you will have to adjust your angle for both the corner kick and the player receiving the ball.

An example is if the goalkeeper is closer to the penalty spot, aim the ball towards the small box with a power of two bars. As you understand how different the situations work you will learn which areas and runs you need to make.

To move your goalkeeper, you press and hold your Right Stick (RS) and move it in the direction you want them to head towards.

EA FC 24 Best Player Attributes for Corner Takers

The best player attributes in EA FC 24 for corner takers are:

  • Crossing
  • Curve
  • Long Pass

With the most effective corner playstyles being:

  • Dead Ball
  • Whipped Pass

Here are some players that contain more than one of these attributes:

James Ward-ProwseEnglandWest HamCM86 (Trailblazers)• Dead Ball
• Whipped Pass
• 95 Crossing
• 97 Curve
• 88 Long Passing
Kevin De BruyneBelgiumManchester CityCM/CAM91• Dead Ball
• Whipped Pass
• 95 Crossing
• 92 Curve
• 94 Long Passing
Joshua KimmichGermanyFC Bayern MünchenCDM/RB/CM88• Dead Ball
• Whipped Pass
• 91 Crossing
• 85 Curve
• 91 Long Passing
Guro ReitenNorwayChelseaLW/LM/CAM88• Dead Ball
• Whipped Pass
• 93 Crossing
• 74 Curve
• 82 Long Passing
Selma BachaFranceOLLB/LWB/LW86• Playstyle+ Whipped Pass
• 92 Crossing
• 88 Curve
• 77 Long Passing
EA FC 24 James Ward-Prowse Trailblazers in-game stats

EA FC 24 Best Player Attributes For Headers

The top player characteristics for heading in EA FC 24 are:

  • Heading
  • Jumping Accuracy

The most powerful playstyles for heading are:

  • Power Header
  • Aerial

These are some players who possess these attributes:

Robert LewandowskiPolandFC BarcelonaST/CF90• Playstyle+ Power Header
• 92 Jumping
• 91 Heading Accuracy
Antonio RüdigerGermanyReal MadridCB 85• Playstyle+ Aerial
• 90 Jumping
• 81 Heading Accuracy
Victor OsimhenNigeriaNapoliST/CF88• Power Header
• 94 Jumping
• 84 Heading Accuracy
Min Jae KimKorea RepublicFC Bayern MünchenCB84• Power Header
• 83 Jumping
• 79 Heading Accuracy
Leon GoretzkaGermanyFC Bayern MünchenCM/CDM85• Aerial
• 92 Jumping
• 86 Heading Accuracy

Corners are often wasted by a lot of players in EA FC 24. Having followed this guide, you now have an advantage over your opposition.

To add, making sure you have the right players in your squad increases your likelihood of putting the ball in the back of the net.

Isiah is an experienced writer and avid football enthusiast with a keen interest in FC 24. His all-time favourite FIFA player was Player of the Month Son Heung-min back in 2017.