Players hoping to save their precious progress in Diablo 4 may be struggling to find the save button in their menus.

Don’t worry if you’ve found yourself searching for that save button for what feels like an eternity! You’re not alone.

Fortunately, there’s a very simple explanation and an easy way to understand how saving works in Diablo 4. Keep reading to find out more.

How Do You Save Your Progress in Diablo 4?

You cannot manually save in Diablo 4. The game has a real-time connection and is constantly saving your progress. This means it is constantly uploading your progress and data to its servers.

Therefore, you can quit at any time in Diablo 4, and rest assured that your progress will be saved and not lost or deleted.

However, this comes at the cost of needing to be online at all times. Therefore, you will be immediately kicked from the game if your connection is lost, and your progress up until that point will be saved.

the main menu in Diablo 4

Additionally, it means that any decisions you make with a character are final and locked forever to that character. You cannot reload a previous save state, as Diablo 4 rewrites your data every second.

If you leave the game and you’re out in the open world and not a safe hub area, when you load back in, you will be reset by the entrance of a hub area.

You will still retain any gold, items, and experience you received before logging out. However, you will be repositioned in a safe location so you’re not killed when you load in.

Similarly, your Dungeon progress won’t be saved, just the items, gold, and experience you gained during it. If you quit while in a dungeon, you’ll be reset to the beginning when you restart.

When it comes to loading back in, just relaunch Diablo 4 and select the character you want to use. The game will then immediately load you back into where you were when you quit.

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