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How To Run up Dam in Warzone Using This New Trick

This new Warzone trick lets players run up dam without using the zipline.

Dam is one of the most recognizable locations in Warzone. The huge concrete structure forms a big part of the Warzone map.

However, players regularly have trouble getting to the top, especially when under pressure from an incoming gas circle. Luckily, a Warzone YouTuber has found a quick and easy method to run up dam without using the zipline.

Getting to the top of Dam might not be a problem for Warzone players for much longer. This is because Verdansk could be removed from Warzone in Season 2.

Warzone Dam

How to Get to the Top of Dam in Warzone Without a Zipline

Running up Dam in Warzone can definitely help you out when the gas is closing in, and the method can be broken up into two simple parts. Let’s hope you don’t get this annoying gas mask animation that still hasn’t been fixed while you’re making the run.

  • First, go to the building at the bottom of Dam and head up to the helipad.
  • Sprint jump from the helipad to one of the large red pipes and run across.
  • Next, run up the left side of Dam until you see a concrete ridge on your left, next to the cliffs.
  • Follow the ridge along and continue to walk along the rocks until you get to a tree. Make sure you look towards the cliff to make sure you don’t fall off.

Once you reach here, you’re halfway there. However, the trickiest part of running up the dam in Warzone is scaling the cliffs.

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verdansk warzone map

Scaling the Cliffs Around Dam

  • Head up the rocks on your right until you find the rock with a vault prompt and vault up.
  • Continue walking forwards with the cliff on your left until you reach another rock you can vault up if you look at the center of it.
  • Again, run forwards with the cliff to your left until you reach another rock. This is the trickiest bit and will take some trial and error.
  • There is no vault prompt but you can jump up this rock with a few attempts to make it to the final vault.
  • You can then simply vault up two more times to get to behind the houses at the top of Dam.

The first time you try this, it might be tricky. However, the video below can also help you learn how to run up the dam in Warzone too.

Mick Daster YouTue

Meanwhile, cheaters are back in Warzone. Players have been complaining that cheaters are using wallhacks almost every game.

The totally overpowered Sykov pistol could also be coming to Warzone soon too. Even more exciting, all of the Season 2 weapons for Warzone have been leaked early.

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