To reveal any unidentified gear you pick up in Hogwarts Legacy, you must take it to the Room of Requirement. Then, you can go up to the Desk of Description and interact with it to identify your mystery items.

Revealing what your unidentified items allow you to equip them or sell them to get gold.

Even if you don’t like how the newly-identified gear looks, it is still worth equipping if it boosts your stats. This is especially the case as you can change the appearance of your clothing in Hogwarts Legacy!

Follow these steps to reveal all of your unidentified gear in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Finish the Room of Requirement main story quest to unlock the Room of Requirement and the Desk of Description
  • Find a piece of unidentified gear from a chest
  • Head to the Room of Requirement
    • The easiest way to get here is by using the Floo Powder fast travel system and finding the Room of Requirement location within the Secret Rooms section
Room of Requirement Location Hogwarts Legacy
  • Go up to the Desk of Description and hold the interact button to identify your items
    • PlayStation: Square
    • Xbox: X
    • PC: F
  • Your unidentified items will now be revealed, so you can equip or sell them as you wish!

You’ll want to identify your gear as soon as possible, as you have very limited inventory space. Although, there is a way to increase how many items you can hold in Hogwarts Legacy, which you’ll definitely want to do!

What’s more, opening chests while your inventory is full makes you get much worse items!

Reveal Unidentified Gear Hogwarts Legacy

The unidentified gear is the only mystery in Hogwarts Legacy that has witches and wizards stumped. Find out how to open the eyeball chests in Hogwarts Legacy to get the valuable loot inside them!

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