Players looking to respec their Hearts and Stamina in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can actually do so in the first main area of the game.

If you want to switch your Hearts and Stamina in TOTK, then don’t worry. Just head to Lookout Landing and follow these easy steps.

How to Change Your Hearts and Stamina in TOTK

You can respec your Hearts and Stamina by visiting the Horned Statue in Lookout Landing in Tears of the Kingdom.

Follow these steps to respec your Hearts and Stamina in TOTK:

  • Visit the Horned Statue in Lookout Landing.
    • You’ll need to unlock it first, which involves completing a short quest. To learn how, look in the section below.
The Horned Statue location in TOTK
  • Pray to the Statue and choose which essence (Heart or Stamina) to give up.
  • You then sell that essence for 100 rupees.
Selling Hearts or Stamina to the Horned Statue in TOTK
  • Next, choose whether to sell another or repurchase one.
    • For each one you sell, you can buy one back.
  • Purchase a new essence (either Stamina or Heart) for 120 rupees.
    • The essence you buy does not have to be the same as the one you sold. This is essentially how you respec your Stamina and Hearts.
Instructions on purchasing back Hearts from the Horned Statue in TOTK

You’ll need excess rupees to successfully make the switch because you sell your essence for 100 and purchase them for 120. So, make sure you know how to make plenty of rupees fast if you have a lot of respecing to do.

How to Find the Horned Statue in TOTK

There are two ways to access the Horned Statue in Tears of the Kingdom. The first is by unlocking the side quest “Who Goes There?”, which becomes accessible after beating a main quest dungeon through the “Regional Phenomena” questline.

The second is to go through the entire Royal Hidden Passageway, accessible via the Observation Room in Hyrule Castle.

You don’t technically have to complete the “Who Goes There?” side quest to gain access to the Horned Statue. However, you need to unlock the quest to open up the entrance to its hiding place.

If you want to complete the side quest “Who Goes There?”, here’s how you do it:

  • Go to Lookout Landing.
  • Enter the Emergency Shelter.
  • Talk to Jerrin.
    • She is the lady with the broom behind the ladder.
  • She tells you she’s heard creepy voices through the now-open tunnel.
  • Go through and destroy the rocks on the righthand side.
  • The Horned Statue is waiting on the other side.
The side quest Who Goes There in TOTK

However, if you haven’t beaten a dungeon yet and want to respec as soon as possible, there is the alternative way.

Be warned; it is a long and challenging process that requires you to defeat difficult enemies and break a ridiculous amount of piles of rocks.

You will need lots of arrows and bomb flowers to make this process as painless as possible. Additionally, bring plenty of disposable weapons that you don’t mind fusing with rocks.

  • Head to the Observation Room in Hyrule Castle.
    • To access it, follow these instructions:
      • Fast travel to the Kyononis Shrine.
      • Go North towards the Hyrule Castle gates.
      • Continue directly North and climb up the cliff.
      • You’ll reach the Observation Room.
The Observation Room from outside Hyrule Castle in TOTK
  • Inside the Observation room, head down the stairs and then open the grate on the floor behind Nobiro.
  • Climb down into the Royal Hidden Passage below.
  • Go all the way down the spiral staircase.
    • There are tough enemies you have to face and plenty of side rooms with treasure to search through if you feel so inclined.
The grate that leads into the Royal Hidden Passage in TOTK
  • Once you reach the bottom, use a bomb flower arrow or a boulder-fused weapon to break through the rock.
  • Continue through and then break through the Luminous Stone.
  • Drop down into the cavern below.
    • There is a Rock Like enemy to fight. Kill it to get through easily.
The entrance to the underground cavern in the Royal Hidden Passage in TOTK
  • Facing South, you’ll spot another cluster of rocks you can destroy.
  • Break through them until you reach the other side.
    • If you break all the rocks, it will create two paths. The left one is the correct one. The right one leads to a room full of Bomb Flowers.
Breakable boulders in TOTK
  • In the next room, drop down.
  • Turn left and continue until you see a pile of blue rocks. Break through those too.
  • There will be another pile of blue rocks opposite you in the next room.
  • You guessed it, break through those.
Blue rocks in the Royal Hidden Passage in TOTK
  • Swim directly across the lake through the opening on the other end.
    • If you don’t have the stamina, swim to the island on the right and then walk over to the entrance and swim through.
      • You’ll see a massive pile of rocks in the middle of that island. Ignore those unless you want to fight the Stalnox beneath them.
  • Once you’re through, turn left at the blue rocks and head all the way around.
Directions on where to go in the Royal Hidden Passage in TOTK
  • Destroy the blue rocks at the top, cross over the bridge, and destroy the blue rocks at the end.
  • In the next chamber, destroy the rocks directly North (not the large pile to your right.)
  • Then break through the next lot of rocks.
Guidance on which boulders to break in the Royal Hidden Passage in TOTK
  • Directly ahead, you’ll see a pile of rocks. Glide across to it and break them.
    • There is a Rock Like enemy directly opposite those rocks. However, if you glide and land right next to the rocks, it won’t see you.
Breakable boulders in the Royal Hidden Passage in TOTK
Link will be able to stand up next to the rocks if you land to the left of them.
  • Keep breaking through the rock piles until you find one blocking black gates (see image below.)
  • Break through those rocks to finally reach the Horned Statue.

There is no way to fast travel to the Horned Statue after leaving it if you access it via this method. To regain access to it, we strongly recommend unlocking the “Who Goes There?” side quest.

The location of the Horned Statue in the Royal Hidden Passage in TOTK
The entrance back into the emergency shelter underneath Lookout Landing is through the other rocks.
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