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How to Reset Your PS5 After a Power Outage

Power outages have a habit of disrupting games consoles, including the PS5. Here’s how to reset your PS5 after a power outage causes it to crash.

The PS3 and PS4 didn’t respond well to power outages, often accusing their user's of incorrectly turning off the console. Then going through a sometimes long-winded restore process before we could play them again.

Sadly, the PS5 is not much different in this regard, what’s worse is the console is seemingly becoming bricked for some users.

After a recent power outage some users found their PS5s were became non-responsive and shared their experiences online. The good news is that the internet has put their heads together and a solution seems to have been discovered.


Here’s How to Reset Your PS5 Console:

  • Hold the power button down for seven seconds, then press again once it beeps.
  • This resets your PS5 in safe mode
  • Select option 6. The console will then download an update and begin the process of resetting itself.
  • You’ll then need to go through setup again.

The reddit user also reported needing to download and install Astro’s Playroom again. As the software was wiped from the console during the reset – as was all other games.

PS5 Rest Mode Issues

PS5 owners will know that Astro’s Playroom came pre-installed on PS5 consoles that were bought at launch. But after reseting your PS5 the game becomes just like any other, and as such can be deleted, downloaded and re-installed anytime the owner chooses.

So far, we’re unsure if this deletes save data or not. However, PS Plus users should be able to back this up in the cloud storage. It’s frustrating that the option to create a hard backup doesn’t exist yet.

How to Turn Off Rest Mode on PS5 and Avoid Issues Associated with It

Let’s hope that Sony patch all of these issues in time. That way if the PS5 does crash following a power outage, it won’t need a full reset to work again.

It’s less than ideal to go through this every time the PS5 is switched off in error.

The above problem also occurred in the PS5’s rest mode, so to avoid this happening, it may be best to avoid rest mode until problems associated with it are resolved.

After all, this isn’t the first time the PS5’s rest mode has bricked consoles.

Sony releases their second PS5 firmware update to tackle some of the issues associated with rest mode, but it seems clear some still persist.


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