MW2 players have found an easy way to reset their Tac Sprint and move faster around the map without slide canceling!

Every good Call of Duty player needs accurate aim as well as some good movement skills. And while it can take years to practice perfect aiming, your movement can easily be improved using some simple tricks.

Tactical Sprinting by pressing the sprint button twice is the fastest way of getting across the map in MW2 but you can only do it for a short amount of time. However, there’s a new trick that lets you reset your Tac Sprint without even slide canceling.

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How to Reset Tactical Sprint in Modern Warfare 2 Without Slide Canceling

The easiest way to reset your Tac Sprint in MW2 is by pressing the melee button (push down the right stick on controller or V on keyboard) as soon as your Tactical Sprint ends.

You can tell that your Tactical Sprint is over when your operator lowers their weapon slightly. They will then start holding it with two hands again.

Doing this is extremely simple and allows you to Tac Sprint again immediately after you melee. Therefore, using this melee trick, you’ll be able to Tac Sprint with less delay and get across the map quicker.

Although, if you want to be a bit harder to hit, we suggest using this trick to slide cancel in Modern Warfare 2! This will keep your speed up and also make your positioning unpredictable for any opponents firing at you.

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Also, make sure you are using the best controller settings for Modern Warfare 2. Even something as simple as changing your settings can greatly increase your aim and movement, helping you finish higher up the leaderboard.

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