You’ll need to know how to repair your ship in Starfield as it’s quite easy to take quite a bit of damage while fighting in space.

If you’re not careful, you can take a heavy beating while dogfighting with mercenaries and bandits out in Starfield’s vast galaxy.

Below, we’re going to go over all the ways in which you can repair your ship to keep you alive for longer while flying among the stars in Starfield.

Starfield: How to Repair Your Ship

There are three ways to repair your ship in Starfield:

  • Using Ship Parts for an instant heal
  • Repairing at a Ship Services Technician
  • Waiting for the ship to repair itself gradually over time

How to Use Ship Parts in Starfield

When flying in space, players can press in the Right Stick or the O key to use Ship Parts and repair their ship. This works much like a Medpack in that it will begin to slowly heal your vessel.

Initiating a repair with Ship Parts will heal 4% of your Hull’s total health per second for 10 seconds.

Ship Parts in Starfield

Note: Unlike Medpacks which use the number key 0 as a shortcut, Ship Parts are used with the letter O. It’s a confusing choice on the developer’s part but an important distinction to make.

Similarly, on controller, pressing the Left Stick in while using the Scanner (LB) actually activates Photo Mode. You’ll need to stop scanning in order to repair your ship.

Thankfully, you don’t have to carry the heavy Ship Parts on your person – they’re usable directly from the Cargo Hold.

How to Repair at a Ship Services Technician

Ship Services Technicians can be found at most landing sites outside major cities in Starfield. You’ll see the NPC standing near where you park your ship at New Atlantis, for example.

Ship Services Technician in Starfield

Simply talk to the Ship Services Technician and select ‘My Ship Needs Some Repairs‘ to get them to fix up your spacecraft.

This will cost 1000 Credits, but it’s worth the cost to save yourself from using those handy Ship Parts.

Ship Self-Repair

Although it’s not an ideal option and it’s one that should only be used as a last resort when combat is over and done with, ships can actually self-repair in Starfield.

Assuming you’re out of danger, simply wait and you’ll notice that damaged systems, such as Engines, Missiles, or your Grav Drive will slowly regenerate. Shields will also come back online.

Self Repairing Ship in Starfield
The damaged Grav Drive (GRV) will slowly repair itself

However, your ship Hull will not be repaired in this way, meaning you’ll need to repair it through one of the two methods listed above.

Additionally, those who chose the Taskmaster Trait during character creation will often have their ship’s systems automatically restored when they are damaged beyond 50% – so long as they have a crewmate who is trained in that system.

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