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How To Remove Warzone Cheaters From Your Lobby

These two easy methods will help you remove Warzone cheaters from your lobbies.

Warzone has been rife been cheaters since it launched. However, the cheating problem has gotten totally out of control over the last few weeks.

There seems to be no anti-cheat system in Warzone at the moment, beyond players being able to report others. However, Activision has once again come out to say it has a plan to deal with hackers.

Turn Off Crossplay

The first method to remove Warzone cheaters is only available to PlayStation players.

In the settings menu, there is the option to turn off Crossplay. This changes it so that you will get put into a lobby with only PS4 and PS5 players.

However, there is no guarantee that there will still be no cheaters. Hacks are very uncommon on PS4 & PS5, so it is much less likely to come across cheaters, but some players still have some form of hacks.

This method also doesn’t work for players who want to play with their friends who own another platform. If you want to play with friends via Crossplay, then you will have to leave Crossplay on.

This is bad news for content creators who want to remove Warzone cheaters, as they mostly play on PC. Dr Disrespect has weighed in on the “hacking crisis” that is ruining Warzone at the moment.

Warzone Ghost

Manually Block Warzone Cheaters

The second method is less of a sure-fire way to remove cheaters from your Warzone lobbies, but gets more effective the longer you play.

When playing Warzone, it is important to make use of the spectate feature after you have been killed. This can help you determine if you were killed by a hacker.

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If you think an enemy looks like they were using an aimbot or wall hacks then you can block them. You can do this by selecting the player in-game, or by going to the Recently Met tab in the Social menu and selecting to block the player there – just make sure you remember their name.

In the future, you will be warned if a player on your block list is in a lobby you are joining and you will have the option of opting out of that game. This means that every time you block a hacker, you won’t encounter them again.

This tip is especially important considering that the number of cheaters in Warzone is rising all the time. Warzone is definitely much better after the cheaters are removed.

youngomelette1 Reddit

Even if you do manage to remove Warzone cheaters from your lobbies, you’ll probably still end up playing against some toxic players. However, this truck killed a toxic player in Warzone’s funniest act of karma ever.

Warzone players can also use this tip to improve their game. Use this C4 trick to get easy team wipes on unsuspecting squads.

Meanwhile, Warzone players on console are demanding to get this one feature that PC players already have.

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