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How To Remove Stun Effect in Warzone Using New Stun Grenade Counter

This new Warzone trick lets you remove the stun effect so you’ll never be slowed down!

Stun grenades are one of the most common pieces of tactical equipment in Warzone. Almost every player will either be running stun grenades or a heartbeat sensor.

However, this could all change soon, as Warzone players have worked out a new method remove the stun effect.

Warzone Best Weapons Season 3

How Good Are Stun Grenades?

Stun grenades are by far the best tactical equipment for aggressive Warzone players. Pairing them with the fastest movement speed SMG and nobody will be able to escape!

However, they are also very versatile and can be used defensively too. Stunning an enemy who is pushing you is also a great strategy as their decreased movement can let you reposition to get the advantage.

Despite the Season 3 floor loot being terrible, players can still find these powerful stun grenades on the ground too.

Until now, there was no way to remove the stun effect caused by these grenades in Warzone, beyond using the Battle Hardened perk to reduce the duration. However, players have now worked out an easy way to remove the stun effect from themselves.

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How To Remove Stun Effect in Warzone

To remove the stun effect in Warzone, as shown by Warzone player TwistedFate3, you first need to make sure you have a Thermite in your loadout. While many players run Semtex or the new best Lethal Equipment in Warzone, the Thermite is still a good option.

Then, you’ll want to throw the thermite at your feet. If you are stunned, getting damaged by your own Thermite will remove the slowdown of your movement and aiming speed.

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Unfortunately, this trick will cost you a couple of ticks of damage, but that is much better than being a sitting duck for an incoming enemy squad.

This is probably an unintended interaction and we can assume that Warzone developer Raven Software will fix this stun remove bug soon. So make the most of it while you can!

Meanwhile, Warzone players love the new balanced meta in Season 3. Now, there are so many good weapon options to choose from.

However, there is one very broken gun that pro players are calling overpowered. Removing the stun effect won’t save you from any Warzone players using this rifle!

Finally, Activision has confirmed that more money is being invested in Warzone anti-cheat. Will the hacker trouble finally be over soon?

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