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How to Register for Project Q Upcoming Network Tests

Ubisoft announced a new game under the codename Project Q, and you can already register for upcoming Network Tests!

Without a doubt, battle arena and battle royale games are total hits. The genre has expanded to many franchises, with even rumors of Halo Infinite getting its own battle royale mode!

To keep up with trends, Ubisoft has surprised everyone today with an impromptu announcement of a new title codenamed Project Q.

According to the brief post shared by Ubisoft’s social media, the game is a team battle arena title. From a quick look at the art shared by Ubisoft, the game has a Fortnite-esque aesthetic.

Aside from this information, Ubisoft shared that gamers interested in this title can already sign up for upcoming network tests.

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Sign Up for Project Q’s Upcoming Playtest

Ubisoft opened today the registration for upcoming Network Tests for Project Q. Although, there is no indication of when these tests will take place.

Follow these steps to sign up for Project Q’s upcoming Network Tests:

  • Go to Project Q’s Registration Site
  • Once you are on the site, select the platform of your preference, the site offers these platforms as options:
    • Xbox One
    • Xbox Series X | S
    • PS5
    • PS4
    • PC (via Ubisoft Connect)
  • After selecting your platform, click or tap on “Register”
  • Log in using your Ubisoft account; the site also offers PSN, Xbox Live, Twitch, and Facebook login options
Project Q Battle Arena

Project Q Possible Changes and Features

The developer clarified in this post that it is still in early development. Additionally, Ubisoft stated Project Q is still in the testing stages.

Keeping this in mind, the game could drastically change during its development. Due to all these considerations, it is not clear when these Network Tests could happen.

Aside from all this information, industry insider Tom Henderson shared the game features two game modes during closed testing stages.

According to these reports, one of these game modes was a take on battle royale and the second one featured battle arena-style gameplay.

Also, Henderson mentions Project Q features a lot of customization. Players reportedly would be able to choose a hero, weapons, skills, and abilities.

However, all this information surfaced based on closed playtests, which means the final product could differ significantly.

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