Call of Duty players have found a very simple way to reduce the amount of visual recoil in MW2 to increase their accuracy!

If you want to get lots of kills in Modern Warfare 2, your aim needs to be accurate. However, that’s easier said than done as the camera shakes whenever you fire your weapons.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to massively reduce the visual recoil on weapons, which greatly helps your accuracy.

What is Visual Recoil in Modern Warfare 2?

Visual recoil is a term used to describe how much the in-game camera shakes when you fire a weapon.

Typically, heavy weapons like LMGs will have more visual recoil and the screen will shake more when you fire, making it much harder to see while aiming.

Ideally, you will have as little visual recoil as possible so you can keep track of your target as well as where you are aiming your gun.

Fortunately, reducing the amount of visual recoil in MW2 is pretty simple and can be lowered by changing just one setting.

Of course, in addition to this, you’ll also want to know how to unlock attachments in MW2 that reduce visual recoil too!

MW2 Weapons

Best Way to Reduce Visual Recoil in MW2

The best way to reduce visual recoil in Modern Warfare 2 is by lowering the First Person Camera Movement Setting to Least (50%).

Doing this significantly reduces how much the in-game camera shakes when you fire weapons, effectively reducing the visual recoil. To do this:

  • Go to the MW2 settings menu
  • Select Graphics
  • Go to the View tab
  • Change 1st Person Camera Movement to Least (50%)
    • You can also change 3rd Person Camera Movement to Least (50%) too. This will only make a difference when playing in a third-person perspective though.

Also, make sure you are using the best controller settings for MW2. These will also help your accuracy at all ranges!

MW2 1st Person Camera Movement Setting

What is the 1st Person Camera Movement Setting in MW2?

The First Person Camera Movement setting determines how much your camera shakes in first-person view when moving and firing weapons. It has 3 options – Least (50%), Less (75%) and Default (100%).

Setting it at Least (50%) gives MW2 the lowest amount of camera shake and visual recoil while setting it at Default (100%) causes the most camera shake.

Because of this, it is one of the most important settings to change in MW2. Find out the best settings for MW2 for your platform of choice:

Once you’ve got all of the right settings, getting kills will be much easier. If you’re grinding to earn all of the new mastery camos, that be a lot quicker too!

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