Players who pre-ordered FF16 before launch can redeem in-game bonuses once they launch the game. Depending on which version you pre-ordered, you’ll have different items awaiting you.

Fortunately, not only is it incredibly easy to claim your pre-order bonuses in FF16, you can do so almost immediately after starting. All it takes is hopping into a menu and pressing the X button!

How to Claim Your FF16 Pre-Order Bonuses

To claim your FF16 in-game pre-order bonuses, you must go to the System menu and then head to the Redeemable Items section. Finally, press X on the items you wish to claim.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of that process:

  • Press the Options button to bring up FF16’s main menu.
  • Press R2 until you reach System.
    • The System menu is the one on the far right.
  • Once in the System menu, press R1 until you reach Redeemable Items.
    • This menu can also be found on the far right.
The menu location to redeem pre-order bonuses in FF16
  • Select the pre-order bonus you wish to redeem and press X.
  • Choose Yes when prompted to claim the item.
The claim confirmation screen in FF16

Once you have claimed your in-game pre-order bonuses, head to the Gear & Eikons screen and, if you want to, equip them under the Gear section on the left. The pre-order items will be purple instead of blue.

You cannot claim these bonuses if you did not pre-order FF16 before its launch on Thursday, 22 June 2023.

It is possible that these redeemable items will be added at a later date to the PlayStation store. However, there has been no confirmation of that so far.

Equipping a pre-order bonus item in FF16

All Redeemable FF16 Pre-Order Bonuses

You can redeem three in-game pre-order bonus items as long as you pre-ordered the Standard Digital Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, or Collector’s Edition.

These bonuses are:

  • Braveheart (Sword)
    • 130 Attack & 130 Stagger
  • Cait Sith Charm (Accessory)
    • Increases gil earned by 25%
  • Scholar’s Spectacles (Accessory)
    • Increases amount of EXP earned by 10%

The Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition only have two pre-order bonuses: Braveheart and Cait Sith Charm. You cannot redeem the Scholar’s Spectacles if you pre-ordered the non-digital Standard or Deluxe Edition.

The three redeemable pre-order bonus items in FF16