While the Master Sword in Zelda: TOTK is unbreakable, it can run out of power, likely making players wonder how they recharge it.

Like in BOTW, the Master Sword must be recharged after extensive use. However, for some players, the process of recharging the iconic blade may be a little confusing.

Fortunately, recharging the Master Sword couldn’t be easier in TOTK, and it won’t take any effort on your behalf.

Below we’ve outlined absolutely everything there is to know about how you recharge the Master Sword in Zelda: TOTK.

How Do You Recharge the Master Sword in TOTK?

The Master Sword recharges automatically and takes 10 minutes before it becomes usable again. You cannot do anything to speed up this process.

You can fuse any item to the Master Sword to temporarily increase its durability. However, it will still need to recharge for the full 10 minutes once its durability runs out.

Additionally, destroying a fused item and refusing the Master Sword prior to it running out of power will not increase its durability a second time.

The Master Sword recharging screen in TOTK

The Master Sword will not recharge if it still has any power remaining. It needs to be completely depleted of power before it can begin recharging.

Before the Master Sword runs out of power, you will be notified by a message on your screen. If you continue to use it, the sword will then run out of power and disappear from your Weapon hotbar.

However, if you go into your inventory, you will be able to see a faded out Master Sword icon, with a red timer counting down from 10 minutes in the weapon’s description.

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