If you’re hoping to rise up the ranks in Splatoon 3’s Anarchy Battles, here’s how to rank up fast and all of the modes you’ll be playing.

After playing some matches of Turf War in Splatoon 3, you’ll likely want more. Fortunately for you, Anarchy Battles are the next step up and can make the game much more competitive.

To start with, you’ll be at rank C-, but over time, you can rise to much higher ranks. Here’s how to rank up quickly, as well as the modes and ranks you’ll find.

How to Rank Up Quickly in Splatoon 3’s Anarchy Battles

Players should take part in Splatoon 3’s Anarchy Battles Series to reach higher ranks quickly. In this mode, you’ll earn more Rank Points by winning more matches.

Normally, players can partake in Anarchy Battles Open. These are just simple matches of ranked that you either win or lose.

Unlike Open, players have to play Anarchy Battles Series up to five wins or three losses, whichever is first, before they can see how many Rank Points they get.

Despite sounding like you need to play all matches at one time, you can actually pause the Series and resume it at a later point.

Splatoon 3's online mode selection

Aside from playing Series matches, you should increase your chances of winning by using some of Splatoon 3’s best weapons.

To enter Anarchy Battles Series games, you’ll have to spend some of your Rank Points, depending on your current rank.

For instance, you’ll need to spend 20 Rank Points to enter a Series at rank C. For those who are rank A, you’ll need to spend 110 points to enter.

Finally, you can only play Anarchy Battles Series by yourself. No friends are allowed, but you will be teaming up with three random players.

All Ranks for Anarchy Battles in Splatoon 3

Here are all of the ranks for Splatoon 3, as well as how much it costs to enter an Anarchy Battles Series:

Splatoon 3 RankCost to Enter Series (in Rank Points)
S+0 to S+50160

If you’re finding it difficult to raise your rank, make use of some of the best abilities in Splatoon 3!

All Anarchy Battle Game Modes in Splatoon 3

These are all the Anarchy Battle Game Modes in Splatoon 3:

  • Rainmaker
  • Splat Zones
  • Clam Blitz
  • Tower Control


Rainmaker Game Mode in Splatoon 3

In this mode, two teams will attempt to capture the powerful Rainmaker weapon. Upon grabbing the Rainmaker, the player holding it must take it to the opposing team’s pedestals. They’ll need their team to make sure they don’t lose it before reaching a pedestal though.

The match ends when the time runs out, or if one team takes the Rainmaker to the closest pedestal to a team’s spawn point.

Splat Zones

Splat Zones Gameplay in Splatoon 3
Source: DH1125 on YouTube

This mode is very similar to a King of the Hills-type game mode in many other games. Players will need to take control of and hold a Splat Zone (or Splat Zones in some stages). To do this, a team’s paint must be the most dominant one in any zone.

A team will win if they’re able to bring their score down to 0, or if the timer runs out and they have the lead.

Clam Blitz

Clam Blitz Gameplay in Splatoon 3
Source: Deezy on YouTube

Clam Blitz is easily one of Splatoon 3’s most unique game modes. Players must collect clams that are scattered around the stage. When 8 clams have been collected, it will turn into a Power Clam, which allows the opposing team’s goal to have its barrier broken.

Once the barrier is broken, players can then throw clams into the goal to score points. After a few moments, the barrier will reset.

One time will come out victorious if they have the lead when the timer runs out, or if they’re able to bring the score down to 0.

Tower Control

Tower Control Gameplay in Splatoon 3
Source: DH1125 on YouTube

At the start of each match, there will be a Tower at the center of the stage. Teams must capture the Tower to move it towards the opposing team’s spawn.

At certain points, checkpoints will be found towards each team’s spawn. The winner will be crowned once one team pushes the tower all the way to the opposing team’s side, or who has pushed it closest once the timer runs out.

Now you’ll know a little bit more about Splatoon 3’s different ranked modes. But if you want to look the part when you’re ranking up, why not get some exclusive gear from Splatoon 3’s SplatNet?