The Insured Slots in DMZ are essential for making sure you can extract all those valuable items. After all, having your weapon will make you more effective in gunfights.

However, in the cases where you fail to extract, leaving behind your beloved gun, you will need some extra slots to reload into the game with your weapon once more.

To unlock a second Insured Slot in DMZ, you will have to complete a couple of steps, and this article will guide you through each one.

Unlock Second Insured Slot in DMZ Quickly

Step 1: Get to Black Mous Reputation Level 4

  • Before you can begin the challenge for the Second Insured slot, you must hit Black Mous Reputation Level 4.
  • To hit Level 4, you will need to complete missions in the Black Mous Faction.
  • In order to gain enough reputation, you need to finish all Tier 1 Missions and then complete one Tier 2 mission.
    • The Tier 1 missions are fairly simple and are the easiest Tier to complete.
    • For Tier 2, we recommend completing “Close Quarters,” which requires you to acquire a stronghold keycard and clear the stronghold. This is the easiest mission to complete.
  • Once you have completed this step, you can move on to the second part.
Insured slot in Weapons Locker

Step 2: Complete the Second Insured Slot challenges

  • Once you have unlocked the Second Insured Slot, you will need to complete three challenges before you can use it.
    • Extract 3 IFAKs found at hospitals.
    • Extract 1 AFAK or large medical bag.
    • Extract 1 enemy operator’s weapon.
Second Insured Slot Challenge
  • Extract 3 IFAKs & 1 AFAK or a large medical bag.
    • For this challenge, you will have to travel to a hospital within the game. The easiest place to complete this is in Al Mazrah.
    • There are six hospitals that can be found, as shown in the map below.
Hospital locations for IFAKs to unlock second DMZ insured slot
  • Once at a hospital, you will need to loot the building for IFAKs, and a AFAK or large medical bag.
  • IFAKs are common spawns, whereas AFAKs and large medical bags are less frequent. You may need to check multiple hospitals to find one.
  • Once you have found these items, head to an exfil site, call the helicopter and board the chopper to extract them.
    • Exfil sites will be shown on the map with the icon depicted in the image below.
Exfil Icon DMZ
  • Extract with an enemy operator’s weapon
    • This step will be down to luck on whether you run into an enemy or not.
    • We suggest playing on Ashika Island as this is the smallest map and there is a higher chance you run into players.
    • Additionally, you can use proximity chat and ask to assimilate to the enemy team. They can then drop you their weapon¬†
    • After picking up their gun, head to the exfil site and extract.

If you are lucky enough, you will be able to complete all these challenges in the one game. However, if you don’t just head back in and attempt it once more!

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