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How to Pre-Register for Honkai Star Rail & Claim All Rewards

Grab your ticket to the Astral Express before it's too late!

The Astral Express to Honkai Star Rail is almost here, and if players pre-register, they’ll get to earn impressive rewards upon takeoff!

These rewards will allow players to get a head start with extra resources and even Star Rail Passes.

Pre-Register for Honkai Star Rail – Browser, Mobile & Epic Games

Players can pre-register for Honkai Star Rail on the official webpage, the Epic Games Store, or on mobile devices to be the first in line to play when the game is released on April 26.

Website Registration:

  • Head to the official Honkai Star Rail website.
  • Create or log in with your Hoyoverse Account.
  • You will see a “Pre-Register” button on the top right of the webpage. Interact with it.
  • You will see a prompt thanking you for your pre-registration.
PC Pre Register

Epic Games Store Registration:

Epic Games Store Pre Register

Mobile Registration:

Google Play Honkai Star Rail

Once you have completed these steps, you’ll have officially pre-registered for Honkai: Star Rail.

How to Claim Pre-Registration Rewards

Players can claim their pre-registration rewards for Honkai Star Rail from the in-game mail service.

When the game launches, you must sign in with the same Hoyoverse Account you used to pre-register.

At the in-game mail, players will see a list of any rewards that they can claim or important announcements for HSR. Once rewards are claimed, they will appear in your inventory.

All Honkai Star Rail Pre-Registration Rewards

Players who pre-register for Honkai: Star Rail through the website, Epic Games Store, or on mobile will receive the following:

  • Credit x50,000
  • Star Rail Pass x3
  • Trailblazer Welcome Avatar
  • 4-Star Character – Serval
  • Star Rail Pass x15

10,000,000 players have already pre-registered for Honkai Star Rail, so every milestone reward will be available to pre-registered players through the in-game mail when they first log in.

In addition to these rewards, if all of Honkai Star Rail’s social media accounts reach a total of 2,500,000 followers, then pre-registered players will also earn the following:

  • Star Rail Pass x2
  • Credit x50,000

Star Rail Passes work similarly to wishes in the Genshin Impact. Players can use a Star Rail Pass to roll for the chance to add a new character to their team.

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