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How to Pre-Order the New Nintendo Switch Pro

You’ve probably already heard the news, a new Nintendo Switch Pro console is on the way – here’s how to pre-order it.

It’s been over 4 years since the release date of the Nintendo Switch and the handheld/console device sales are still going strong. In fact, the Nintendo Switch is massively outselling both the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S right now, despite being available on the market for several years.

But there’s still room for improvement where the Nintendo Switch is concerned. After all, the device is still missing that extra oomph to help it compete with next-gen consoles.

(Source: Nintendo)

Thankfully, it looks like the new Nintendo Switch Pro will be 4K, according to new rumors. And with new leaks indicating that the console upgrade is imminent, here’s how and when to pre-order the new Nintendo Switch Pro!

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Pre-Order the New Nintendo Switch Pro

If you’re looking to pre-order the new Nintendo Switch Pro, here’s how to handle the upcoming drop.

At the time of this article’s writing, the Nintendo Switch Pro is yet to be announced. However, the moment the console announcement drops, you’ll have to move fast.

When the PS5 reveal went live on September 17, PlayStation assured fans that pre-orders would go live the next day on September 18. However, only hours after the reveal, Walmart began to sell pre-orders for the PS5, and every major retailer was quick to follow suit.

This led to a lot of angry fans who woke up to sold out messages the following morning. And we predict similar antics from retailers with the Nintendo Switch Pro.

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New Nintendo Switch
(Source: Nintendo)

With that in mind, the moment the Nintendo Switch Pro gets announced, it’s time to look for those pre-order links. Next-gen console tracker Jake Randall promises that he’ll be going live right after the announcement to check all sites for pre-order links.

The YouTuber has helped over 56,000 gamers secure a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S so far, and he’ll be on the case with the Nintendo Switch Pro too.

How to Buy a Nintendo Switch Pro – Buying Guides and Stock Trackers

When drops actually do arrive, they may be few and far between. After all, there’s a new Nintendo Switch shortage coming in 2021 already.

With increased demand caused by Nintendo’s insane E3 announcement line-up and the Nintendo Switch Pro, it’ll be near impossible to grab the upcoming device. We’ve got buying guides that are sure to help you secure your console, and it’s best to take a look at them early!

In the above guide, we go into detail about methods that will help you lock in your Nintendo Switch Pro before others get a chance. And we’ll be able to share more details when the upgraded console drops!

Finally, check back here soon, as we’ll soon have a Nintendo Switch Pro tracker that’ll update you the second a new drop goes live. Here is our existing lightning-fast stock tracker for PS5 consoles so you can get an idea of what to expect.

We’re likely to hear more about the Nintendo Switch Pro shortly before Nintendo’s E3 2021 presentation – here’s when to tune in!

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