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How to Play the Saints Row Reboot Early on PlayStation & Xbox

If you just can’t wait for the first new Saints Row game in years, here’s how you can play early on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Unfortunately, this early access trick won’t work on PC, and it’s certainly far easier on Xbox. However, for those fans that can’t wait to hop into Santo Ileso, there’s a way to jump in early.

Since the game will be launching at midnight local time, gamers in New Zealand will get first dibs at the new Saints Row title. Luckily, there’s a way to trick your system to think you’re a New Zealander, no matter your console of choice.

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Saints Row Reboot Release Time

Fans can get access to Saints Row on August 22, a whole day early, at the following times:

  • 12 AM NZST (August 23)
  • 5 AM PT (August 22)
  • 6 AM MDT (August 22)
  • 7 AM CDT (August 22)
  • 8 AM ET (August 22)
  • 1 PM BST (August 22)
  • 8 PM SGT (August 22)
  • 9 PM JST (August 22)

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Here’s how to use the New Zealand trick, no matter your console of choice:

How to Play Saints Row 2022 Early on Xbox

  • From the Xbox home screen, select the settings icon.
  • Scroll down to System.
  • Select Language & Location.
How to Play Saints Row 2022 Early on Xbox
  • Go to Location and change your location to New Zealand using the dropdown list.
  • Then, restart your Xbox console for the changes to take effect.
  • Now enjoy being able to play Saints Row 2022 a day early!

And don’t forget that you can jump into Saints Row 2022 right now and start making your perfect Boss!

How to Play Saints Row Early on PS4 & PS5

PlayStation fans will need to make a new New Zealand account to play Saints Row early, which is far less convenient.

  • Turn on your PlayStation device and select Add User.
  • Accept the License Agreement and select Create an Account.
  • Enter your birthday and the next step will allow you to choose your preferred PSN region.
  • Select New Zealand.
Play Saints Row Early on PS4 & PS5
  • Then, use a new email for your email ID and create a password.
  • You’ll also need to select a city, province, and postcode from New Zealand. You can use the following details:
  • Postcode: 0592, City: New Zealand, Province: New Zealand
  • After your new PlayStation account is complete, you can head to the PlayStation Store from the homepage.
  • Purchase Saints Row from the New Zealand store. You’ll have to reenter any card details and may also need to verify your email before doing so.
  • Then install the game and you’ll be able to play a day early.

Bear in mind that it won’t be worthwhile for many users to try to play early on PlayStation. After all, you’ll need to sign into your New Zealand account anytime you want to play the new game.

What’s more, the New Zealand PlayStation Store is selling Saints Row for around $120 New Zealand dollars, which is around $74 USD.

Make sure you know which Saints Row edition you should be buying, whether you’re playing early or waiting for the game to release!

And while you wait, we’ve got some of the best-looking characters fans have made in Saints Row 2022, from Kanye West to Handsome Squidward!

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