Many may be wondering whether or not it is possible to play MW2 Spec Ops missions solo. Fortunately, we’re here to answer that question.

While most players will want to tackle the Spec Ops missions in MW2 with a friend, there are definitely some who would rather attempt them alone.

If you are one of these people, don’t worry. It may be a little tricky to get you started, but playing the Spec Ops missions solo is not impossible.

How to Play Spec Ops Missions Solo

While there is no conventional way to play Spec Ops missions solo, you can take them on alone with a workaround. All you need to do is join a regular Spec Ops game and hope the other player drops out.

The easiest way of getting another player to leave is by landing in a completely different spot to them in missions like Low Profile. This will usually make them quit as they realize you’re not a team player.

This won’t always work, as missions like Defender Mt. Zaya don’t have different drop points. In these cases, you’ll just have to hope the other player eventually gives up.

It’s worth noting that if you die whilst playing solo and choose to retry any mission, you’ll respawn alone instead of being forced to connect to another person’s lobby.

Low Profile Spec Ops Mission MW2

However, by using this workaround, you’re ostensibly ruining another player’s fun. After all, these missions are really meant to be played with another person.

It is a shame that there is no dedicated single-player Spec Ops mode like in the previous Modern Warfare. Hopefully, Infinity Ward will add it in a later update.

Of course, if you are going to try and beat any of the missions solo, then you should know how to beat every Spec Ops mission in MW2 and get 3 stars.

Can You Beat MW2 Spec Ops Missions Alone?

While it is extremely difficult to beat MW2’s Spec Ops missions alone, you can absolutely do it with a lot of skill and patience.

If you have a few tricks up your sleeve before jumping in, you’ll definitely stand a chance. Missions like Defender Mt. Zaya also give you AI combatants to assist you, so you won’t be entirely alone.

the key image for the spec ops mission Defender Mt. Zaya

Perhaps the hardest mission is Low Profile, and most solo players will struggle to beat this. However, if you know how to beat Low Profile and get all three stars before dropping in, you might just survive.

Can You Play Spec Ops Mode Offline?

No, you cannot play the MW2 Spec Ops mode offline. Unfortunately, the only modes available while offline are the campaign and a very limited multiplayer mode.

Anyone hoping to jump into the Spec Ops mode without an internet connection will be sorely disappointed.

the offline menu for MW2

You also cannot play Spec Ops in split-screen mode with a friend. However, there are so many more modes that support split-screen in MW2.

How Many Players Can Join a Spec Ops Mission?

A maximum of two people can play any of the Spec Ops missions in Modern Warfare 2. This is significantly less than the previous Modern Warfare which allowed for four players in any mission.

Each mission is designed around having only two people at a time. So, unfortunately, that means if you were hoping to play with three other friends, you won’t be able to.

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