Players will finally be able to prove their skills in Fortnite Ranked Zero Build Solo in Chapter 4 Season 4. However, this limited-time match won’t be around for long.

Zero Build is a mode that takes away all the building tools of Battle Royale and replaces them with movement-based tools. It provides a completely different experience and puts players to the test when it comes to gun skills.

For a while, players have asked for a Fortnite Ranked Zero Build Solo mode to showcase their skills against other players in singles matches. Thankfully, Epic Games is finally ready to deliver that experience.

How to Play Fortnite Ranked Zero Build Solo

It is only possible to play Fortnite Ranked Zero Build Solo matches during the first weekend of Chapter 4 Season 4, from August 25, 2023, to August 27, 2023.

During the limited-time test, follow these steps to launch Ranked Solo Zero Build:

  1. From the main menu, make sure Ranked Play is enabled.
    • Press Up on the D-Pad if using a controller.
  2. Then press Square/X to bring up the Discover page.
  3. Choose Ranked Solo Zero Build.
  4. Press Play! to launch the game.
  5. The mode will disappear after the weekend.

This is because Epic Games is only allowing this mode as an experiment, for now, to test out how this will affect the state of matchmaking in Ranked Modes.

Epic Games will examine how matchmaking is affected by Ranked Zero Build Solos to determine if it can be a permanent addition. Their main goal is to keep queue times low at all times.

If they find that introducing a new mode is too disruptive to the current queue times, then there is a high possibility that we won’t see Solos in Ranked Zero Build again.

Fortnite Ranked Play

If you want this mode to become a permanent addition, make sure you play Fortnite this weekend to try it out and share your thoughts with Epic Games on social media.

In the past, players were able to get Epic Games to bring back Trios after they vaulted it due to queue times.

You can read all about this experiment and the future of Ranked Play in their official blog.