Only Up, the popular 3D platforming game currently taking over streaming, has finally made its way onto Fortnite, but to play it, you’ll need to find the right Island Code.

In these recent weeks, many streamers have taken to Only Up to showcase their platforming skills. In the game, players need to climb through different obstacles to make their way to the top.

There are many different areas, and if the player happens to fall, they’ll need to redo all the progress they had acquired.

It’s a great game, and thanks to some Fortnite Creative players, now there is an Only Up Island Code.

What is the Fortnite Only Up Island Code?

To play Only Up on Fortnite, players must use the Island Code 4366-9611-6988 to head to the “ONLYUP FORTNITE!” level created by Army.

Players can find this by entering the Island Code in Fortnite or following this link if they’re playing on a PC.

Only Up Fortnite Code

This creative level will take players through all the seasons of Fortnite Chapter 1. But similar to the game it is inspired from, if players fall, then they’ll need to restart their climb from the beginning.

It’s a surprisingly fun mode that can entertain players until Fortnite Ranked comes back into the playlists.

You can take a look at YouTuber SinX6 trying their hand at the level in the video below:

As players progress through this level, they’ll see the meters they’ve climbed at the bottom of the screen. To reach the very top of ONLYUP FORTNITE! players will need to climb a total of 3745 m.

There are a few other Only Up-inspired levels in Fortnite, but the one created by Army is by far the most popular among the Fortnite community.

It’s not as complex, nor does it have the same effects as the actual Only Up game, but it’s great for players who want to see what the hype is about without spending money.

What is Only Up?

Only Up is a 3D-platforming title where players must climb through various obstacles to reach the top of the universe and beat the game.

It is incredibly difficult, and one fall could mean losing hours of progress. Many streamers have focused their recent content on this game because it makes for great reaction videos.

You can download and play the game on Steam for PC. There is currently no information regarding the game making its way to consoles.

But in the past popular streaming games have announced a console port a few months after they gain popularity.

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