Gotham Knights has a brand-new fighting system for players to get used to – here’s how to Perfect Attack & Evade to master the basics.

Occasionally when taking down criminals in Gotham, players will be tasked with completing some bonus objectives for additional rewards. If you’re wanting to upgrade your suits and weapons fast, completing these extra tasks is a must, but some are harder than others.

Using stealth takedowns or throwing enemies into one another is straightforward enough, but what are so-called ‘Perfect’ moves?

Thankfully, they’re easier to implement into combat than you’d think – and using them will only improve your fighting skills.

How to Perfect Evade in Gotham Knights

To Perfect Evade in Gotham Knights, wait until the very last moment before an incoming attack is going to hit you, and then hit dodge (B/Circle/Space).

When you see the spiky outline around an enemy’s fist, that’s your sign to evade.

How to Perfect Evade in Gotham Knights

If performed correctly, your character will instantly avoid the attack with a quick dodge animation. Then, it’s time to strike back with a Perfect Attack.

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How to Perfect Attack in Gotham Knights

To hit a Perfect Attack in Gotham Knights, players need to perform a Perfect Evade by dodging right before an attack hits them, and then use X/Square/Left Click to strike back.

Perfect Attacks will deal increased damage to opponents, and will knock them back significantly. Learning to master Perfect Attacks will therefore be essential when dealing with large hordes of enemies.

Perfect Attack Gotham Knights

To learn how to perform Perfect Attacks and dodges easily, head to the Belfry hub world. Interact with the training doll near the Gotham Knight costumes and you’ll be able to enter Training Mode.

Then, select the tutorial on Perfect Evades to practice both dodging and counter-attacks until you can’t get them wrong.

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Training Area Gotham Knights

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