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How to Passive EXP Farm in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Levels are not the only ingredient for a powerful Pokemon. They are important but made much easier to gain if you let your Pokemon grind all by itself with passive EXP farming in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

The Let’s Go auto-battle feature in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet already saves hours of grinding out levels, but believe it or not, there is an even more effective way to use this mechanic.

This passive EXP farming technique requires at least one higher-level Pokemon, as it is in a late-game location.

But it is a great option to level up a mid to high-level Pokemon team without much effort.

What Is Passive EXP Farming in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Passive EXP farming in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is a method of leveling up Pokemon in your party with few inputs needed:

  • Level 60 or higher Pokemon
  • The Let’s Go mechanic
  • A specific location in Paldea (explained in detail below)

This term, coined by Tiktoker NerdyNinetails, and created by YouTuber Dan Berr, is not completely automatic, but it involves very little interactivity.

Lets Go Skeldrige

Where Do You Passive EXP Farm in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Go to the pit full of Golducks in Area Two in the North Province, slightly southwest of the Eri’s Fighting-type Team Star Base.

It is tucked into a mountain range, so you need the climbing ability for Miraidon or Koraidon. It will appear as a small round pool of water on your map in northeast Paldea.

The map is facing North. The feather icon is the Team Star Base.
Eri’s base is in the red rectangle.

You can earn the climbing ability by going to Lake Casseroya in the northeast of Paldea (labeled 14 on the map above) and defeating The False Dragon Titan.

How to Passive EXP Farm in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To passive EXP farm, use Let’s Go and send out your strongest Level 60 or higher Electric or Grass-type Pokemon into the pit of Golducks with a party full of Pokemon you want to level up.

Each pokemon defeated grants EXP to all party members.

After you send out your Pokemon, climb out of the pit and wait until the Pokemon in your party reach desired levels.

You may need to press the “R” button to continue fighting if your Pokemon retreats into its Poke Ball, but you do not need to get back into the pit to do this.

Passive EXP detailed Farming breakdown:

  • Go to the Pit.
The Pit in the North Province of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
  • If Dratini or other Pokemon are spawning, make and eat a Zesty Sandwich for increased Water-type Pokemon encounters.
    • The Zesty Sandwich requires a Jalapeno, an Onion, Chilli Sauce, and Herbed Sausage.
    • All ingredients are collectively available at the Sure Cans shops (Jalapeno and Onion) and the Deli Cioso shops (Chilli Sauce and Herbed Sausage) in Mesagoza.
The Zesty Sandwich in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
  • Select a Level 60 or higher Electric or Grass-type Pokemon to be your party leader “Left Stick” and the “Y” button in the menu (opened with the “X” button”)
    • You can use other types but avoid Ground, Rock, or Fire-type Pokemon.
Selecting the lead Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet
  • Add Pokemon from your Boxes to level up them or keep your existing Pokemon in place.
    • You can access your Boxes under the “Main Menu” with “A.” Then, select Pokemon with “Y” and move them into your team with the “Left Stick.”
Wiglet in a Box in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
  • Press the “R” button to send out your lead Pokemon, jump out of the Pit, and wait.
    • Keep an eye on it to ensure it does not return to the ball or lose all of its health. If it does heal it with potions or consumables.
    • It can keep fighting even at 1 HP, but it is more likely to return to its Poke Ball and lose battles, so how often you choose to heal it is up to you.
Using the lets go feature in pokemon violet with Raichu
  • When your Pokemon has reached an appropriate level, stop farming by pressing “R.”
  • Rinse and Repeat if you want to.

While leveling up Pokemon will make a difference to their stats, ensure you have EV Trained and Hyper Trained your Pokemon before grinding levels to make them as strong as possible.

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