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How to Open Two-Lock Chest in Fortnite

Level up your Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 battle pass by completing the weekly quests with the help of this guide!

During Week 9 of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2’s weekly quests, players will need to open a two-lock chest to complete the objective.

Chests aren’t a new item in Fortnite, but they are hard to come by. Once found, you’ll also need to have keys with you, or they’ll remain locked.

Thankfully, this guide will help you find the location of these two-lock chests in Fortnite and the keys needed to open them.

Where to Find Two-Lock Chest in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

The easiest spot to run into two-lock chests is near The Citadel and Breakwater Bay on the western side of the map. In addition, players can find also these chests scattered all over Fortnite.

Two lock chest

How to Open Two-Lock Chest & Obtain Keys

Players must acquire two keys from around the island and use both to unlock the two-lock holo chest in Fortnite.

The easiest way to obtain these keys in Fortnite is to purchase them from the NPC CRZ-8 for 200 Gold Bars (100 Bars each).

Players can also find keys scattered around the island or from the Keymaster Reality Augment.

Fortnite Key Location

But the fastest and only guaranteed way to obtain them is from CRZ-8. Below you’ll find a map with CRZ-8’s location (blue circle) and the closest chests (red circle) to their location.

Fortnite Two Lock Chest
Source: Fortnite.GG

When you tackle this weekly quest, you should first prioritize obtaining both keys. This is why dropping near Mega City or Frenzy Field is always a good option.

This will allow you to loot and obtain Gold Bars before you decide to make your way to CRZ-8. Once you’ve completed this objective, then you can focus on traveling through the Wind Tunnels to complete another weekly quest.

Although another relatively quick one you can get out of the way is how to fall 5 stories without taking damage.

All these quests will help you level up your battle pass and get you one step closer to this season’s highly coveted Tier 100 skin.

If you’re also hoping to obtain victory while completing the quest, it’s always great to find a two-lock chest with an Exotic Weapon.

These weapons are usually a cut above the rest and will allow you to take the upper hand in gunfights.

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